Fall Birthday Party Ideas You Can Have Indoors

My daughter is a November baby, so throwing a birthday party means that the festivities must be held indoors.

(I’m not sure where you are in the world but, in Eastern Canada, the end of November is basically winter.)

While I would love to invite a bunch of kids to a playground and let them run wild, I instead have to meticulously plan an indoor event with enough activities to keep a group of little ones busy.

This usually involves at least one craft and one game as well as snacks, cake and gift opening.

The beauty of having an indoor birthday party is that you can plan it according to theme. So if your wee one is a fall baby too, why not throw one of these fall-themed birthday parties?

Fall Birthday Party Ideas

Apple Orchard

Fall is apple picking season, so what better way to theme your little one’s birthday than by having all things apple?

You can serve candied apples as a treat or bake up an apple pie. Use your slow cooker to simmer a delicious apple cider to drink.

For some craft ideas, check out these 40 apple-related crafts for kids that use common crafting material.

Autumn Leaves

Take advantage of fall’s beautiful colors by throwing an autumn leaves party!

Decorate with red, orange and yellow streamers and balloons and serve up some cupcakes using the same colors.

Plan an autumn scavenger hunt or get the little ones to make some fun autumn leaf art.


If your child’s birthday falls close to Halloween, go all out with a Halloween themed party!

Invite guests to come in costume and serve up some quick and easy Halloween treats.

Play some Halloween games like Monster Freeze Dance and Wrap the Mummy using toilet paper.

Wizards and Witches

Even if your kiddo’s birthday isn’t anywhere near Halloween, you can brew up some magic and fun with a wizards and witches themed party.

Serve up some potions and brews and offer the guests wands and hats. You can even set up a Harry Potter movie marathon!

Harvest Time

Autumn is the time of year when farmers are beginning to harvest their crops. Add a harvest feel to your little one’s birthday party with gourds, acorns, pumpkins and bales of hay!

For the menu, whip up some delicious fruit pies and crisps and serve some of that amazing slow cooker apple cider. (And just imagine how amazing your house will smell!)

Fall Fair

Even if the weather is colder, who says you can’t have fun at the county fair?

Offer guests some corn dogs and popcorn and play a few fairway games. Here are some super simple ones you can set up for the party-goers.

Indoor Birthday Tips

If you’re hosting your child’s fall birthday party indoors, here are some tips to make the day less hectic and more enjoyable:

  • Consider the space you have and keep the number of guests low. Invite as many kids as can fit around your table.
  • Avoid lunch and dinner times so you don’t need to serve a meal.
  • Set up an activity for the kids to engage in right away. You may have some late-comers, so this will keep everyone entertained until all of the guests have arrived.
  • Plan the first 15-30 minutes for arrivals and the last 30 minutes for cake and gift opening.
  • Organize some low-key games that don’t involve a lot of activity and running around.
  • Set up an activity for the end of the party that kids can partake in independently. This will make it easier as parents prepare their children to leave. Lay out some coloring books or sticker activities.

Does your little one have a fall birthday coming up? Let us know how you plan on celebrating!

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