Guess what’s happening.


Guess What’s Happening?

Let’s Figure it Out!!

People see things many different ways. Your aunt isdrinking a  glass of orange juice. You might see the glass of juice as half full.Your cousin might see the same glass as half empty. You are both right! You just seethings in different ways.

Look at the picture below. Think of all the differentthings these two people could be doing. Start by deciding whothese  people could be.

ladydragboy.gif (15148 bytes)

Could this be a teacher and a student?Or a mother and son? Or a little brother and big sister?

Could the boy be George Washington?Why?

Could be the boy be Bill Clinton?Could the woman be Hilary?

Now try a similar scene.

Do you see differences in these two people?

What differences do you see?

manwife.gif (15080 bytes)

You’re catching on!

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