How to Find the Best Drones for Kids (and Make Sure They’re Safe)

Recreational drone use continues to soar in popularity and should experience a compound annual growth rate of around 66.8%

Are you sick of your kids staying indoors and staring at their tablets all day long? If so, then a drone may be a great way to get them outside playing.

Over the past several years, drones have gone down in price. They’re no longer limited to adult-use only due to advanced features, difficult steering, and outlandish prices.

Keep reading to find out what to look for in the best drones for kids.

The Features of Best Drones for Kids

If you’re in search of remote control drones for kids, you likely feel a bit overwhelmed. The market for drones for little kids has exploded in recent years.

The drone market went from earning $18 billion in 2018, to having the potential to make $43 billion in 2024.

Now, you’ll find a vast collection of different types of drones aimed at children. However, which is the best one?

Here are some of the traits the best drones for kids should have.

1. Prop Guards

First, check to see if the drone you’re looking at purchasing has prop guards. Prop guards are the barriers around the spinning fans. They are meant to protect the fingers of children.

These prop guards also help to protect the propellers themselves. The spinning fans are easy to damage.

Once one fan is damaged, you can say goodbye to the drone flying.

2. Battery Life

The battery life of the drone you get will largely depend upon how many features it touts.

HD footage live-streamed straight to your smartphone is pretty awesome, but that also means the battery life is getting zapped faster.

If you’re hoping to get your children outside playing with their drone for longer than five minutes, you’ll need it to have a decent battery life.

Be sure to read what the estimated battery life is for the drone you’re looking at.

3. Controllers

The type of controllers a drone uses can affect whether your child is able to operate it or not. The age of your child will also impact what type of controller they can use.

Many drones have large, complicated controllers with many knobs and buttons. If your child is younger, this might prove overwhelming and make it impossible for them to learn how to fly the drone.

Be sure to take a close look at what the controller looks like for the drone you’re buying.

Keep your child’s age in mind and whether you believe they’d be able to fully understand how to use the controller.

4. Price

Last, don’t settle for the most expensive drone you come across because you think that translates to quality.

There are plenty of overpriced drones out there with short battery life and no extra features.

Curate a list of your top choices for drones. List out their pros and cons and be sure to include the price. Sometimes, you can find a drone with all the qualities you want for cheaper.

Choose a Drone That Works Best for Your Child

When it comes to finding the best drones for kids, it won’t always be the most expensive one on the market.

Instead, focus on the features that will suit your child.

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