How to Have a Kids Foam Party!

Having a kid’s foam party is a lot of fun outdoors. You can enjoy soapy fun using foam cannons and machines inside a foam pit where kids and adults can enjoy the foam party.

You can have the party in an open space or in your backyard, outdoors and in the sunlight.

Having a Kids Foam Party

An outdoor foam party is easy to set up. You can hire a promoter that will set up the event and even create activities to do for the kids. The catering service will help you set up the venue so that the soapy-like environment is filled with as much foam as the eye can see.

You can search in your local area and choose from the providers of your choice and enjoy the foam-icilous fun!

You will have to rent the foam machines or cannons yourself. Whether it is for a child’s birthday or a college party, the bubbly ideal is a fun way to bring the foam party to your backyard.

The foam comes in cannons and foam pits where most of the foam will be sent to create a foamy environment for the party to get started.

It can be enjoyed with a DJ playing music in the background. Which is preferred especially for college-aged kids.

Companies like Roaring Foam include an inflatable pit and fog machine in their kids foam party!

What Else Do I Need to Know About Hosting a Kids Foam Party?

The minor details will need to be addressed. You can decide whether to host food and drinks for the party. If the adults need to stay and supervise their children.

What the dress code should be and the time of day it should take place. What theme if the foam party has one, would you like to throw?

And finally, how long the soapy fun will last before the party is over.

What Are the Costs of Having a Foam Party?

It’s great to take time away from the computer and phone screens kids nowadays use on a daily basis. Being outdoors and enjoying the foam party could give your kid the excitement they need.

The foam party usually comes in packages that are explained in detail of what is included but go by the hourly rate if you choose to want the party to continue.

It comes in various packages and foam machine quantities for a larger venue that includes items like a large foam generator or extra accessories like a foam pit for the party.

The more expensive the package the more you can guarantee there will be a long time for the foam generating machines to keep producing the desired amount.

There will be professional help to assist you in the event when you decide to splurge on the highest packages the caterer offers.

You can expect anywhere from $300 for small-sized parties to $1000 for more extravagant parties. Most caterers offer help in cleaning up after the foam party.

Is Having a Foam Party Safe?

Foam parties are safe if you’re wondering about the dangers. The foam machines and soap generating ingredients are non-harmful concentrations.

It is advertised as 100% Organic Foam liquid and free from irritants or ingredients that may damage the skin.

The less time you have to worry about how the event will take place and the dangers of the foam, the more time you have to have the best foam party right at your place.

It’s perfect for birthday parties, where kids can explore the soapy environment and socialize with other kids so everyone is included.

What Other Types of Parties Can I Do?

There are many ways a parent may surprise their kid with a fun get-together that brings fun to kids of all ages.

You can host a nerf war tournament that resembles Fortnite, a soccer match, or even a jousting contest that is safe for your kids.

Having a Kids Foam Party

The importance is about having fun and creating an active, social environment to help your kids socialize and learn how to play.

When deciding on the details of your foam party, there are many providers to choose from but the main difference between them all is their foam packages and if they offer help in maintaining the soapy fun for the event.

Find one in your area and see their packages and what they offer when providing the foam party that will fit your party size and theme!

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