The Numbers Game #3

The Numbers Game

One to Four Players. You will need:

  • One printout of this game for each player.
  • Pencils.
  • A stop watch, a kitchen timer, or an hour glass from another game.
  • A small calculator to check your results would help. It is not necessary.

Directions: The object is to find as many different ways to make a number aspossible in the length of time you have. You can add and subtract the numbers at the topto come up with your different ways to make each number.

For example: if you wanted to make 25 out of the numbers you have one way wouldbe 8 + 8 +8 +3 -2 = 25. Then you would list all other ways you can think of to make thenumber 25. You can only add and subtract. The person with the most correctdifferent ways wins.

Numbers Game: You have the idea now. Make up your own numbers.

Number to Make: Use + + + – – –

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