Activities for Children to Reduce Screen Time

There is nothing like relaxing on the couch to watch television or scrolling through social media on your phone. Especially in this era, many of our daily tasks are carried out with the use and help of a digital device.

However, when children are dependent on these devices, there can be some negative effects. Allowing your children to indulge in some screen time is okay but there comes a time to get them away from their phones and tablets.

When trying to limit your children’s screen time, it is important to be consistent with your efforts. You should also be a good example for your children and limit the time you spend on your own devices.

With that, here are some of the activities that you can do with your children to reduce their screen time.

Do Some Exercises or a Simple Workout

The best way to get children away from their devices is to get them moving and exercising. There are plenty of ways to get your children to exercise and you can choose to do it indoors or head outside.

You should pick the right exercise for your child, depending on their age and what physical fitness component they should focus on. You can also let your kids pick out a sport that they want to try because chances are, they are already interested in a specific sport.

Going outdoors to exercise can help to better motivate your children because they have more space to move and run around. You can head to a park for a jog or just let your children ride their bicycles or their kids’ scooters around the neighborhood.

If you plan on doing an indoor workout session, you can try yoga or simple cardio workouts like jump ropes and sit-ups. You can even plan out challenges with a simple prize to get your children motivated.

Play Board Games With the Rest of the Family

Children prefer their tablets and phones because they get to play games on those devices. If you want to get them to reduce their screen time, you should find an equally fun activity so that they will be more motivated.

Playing board games with your children is great because they can have fun, and you can get them away from their devices. Board games can also be educational because they can help to exercise the children’s minds.

You can easily buy a board game from any toy store or the toy section of any retail store. For younger children, you should choose a simple board game where the rules are easy to follow. You can use playing cards to play games like Go Fish or Old Maid.

If you have a teenager at home, you can get more advanced board games like Monopoly or Uno. Multiplayer board games are better because you can get everyone in the family involved.

Teach Them How to Cook or Bake

Another great way to get your children away from their devices is to teach them how to cook or bake. Not only do you get to reduce their screen time, but your children will also get to learn a new skill.

You get all kids of all ages involved in the cooking or baking process, but always keep an eye out for their movement.

You should also pick recipes that would be suitable for their skill level so that it will be easier for them to follow the steps. Recipes like sandwiches would be better for younger children, while older children can follow recipes for baked goods like muffins.

Teaching kids how to cook or bake has tons of benefits, and it is not just to help them gain a new skill. For younger children, cooking or baking is a great way to develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

It will also help them to improve their math and reading abilities. For older children, cooking and baking will help to encourage creativity, problem-solving, and can build their self-esteem because it will make them feel happy and confident when they make something delicious from scratch.

Engage in Arts and Crafts

Getting your children engaged in arts and crafts is a great way to reduce their screen time and can help them to develop many important skills. Every child should be allowed to express themselves and art is a great medium to do so.

You can choose any form of art for your children or let them pick one themselves; this will stimulate and teach them independence by allowing them to make their own choices.

Try to prepare a couple of different art supplies for your children so that they are not limited to only one choice of medium. Younger children can be given supplies like colored pencils or crayons because they are easier to use.

For older children, you can get them to try things like pottery, sculpting, or knitting. These types of crafts require more skills, but they can be more engaging than just drawing or painting. Arts and crafts are very important to a child’s development, so try to motivate them to do art and encourage creativity, instead of criticizing their work or shutting down their efforts.

Be supportive of what your children have created, and they will be more likely to continue with the activity.

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