The Top 3 Signs That Your Child Needs Glasses – And How to Get Your Child Excited About Glasses!

Are you seeing signs your child needs glasses? It can be challenging to tell.

Sometimes they’ll tell you about problems they are having, and other times they’ll hide the issue to avoid wearing glasses.

Unfortunately, kids can still be cruel – even crueler than when you were a student – and wearing glasses can come with a stigma.

The good news is that as a parent you can help put a positive spin on glasses.

The biggest benefit, of course, is that your child will be able to see much more clearly. This can improve their confidence, grades, and even overall health.

When do kids need glasses? Here are the signs to look for:

1. Squinting or Rubbing Eyes

If a child is squinting regularly or rubbing their eyes, it could mean that they are having trouble seeing.

Squinting is a common way to try to sharpen what you’re looking at. If your kid is trying to sharpen images, they may need glasses to help them see.

Closing one eye is similar to squinting your eyes. It can help you focus or eliminate double vision or a lack of eye alignment.

If you notice this frequently, ask your child if they are having trouble seeing.

Rubbing of eyes can be a sign of eye strain or fatigue. If someone is struggling to see clearly, it can definitely strain the eyes.

As a result, regular eye rubbing may be a sign of vision issues.

However, be sure to check on other possible eye conditions, including allergies or conjunctivitis.

2. Unusual Distance From TV, Smartphone or Books

Holding devices, books, or magazines close to the face is a classic sign that your child is having trouble seeing.

Being nearsighted means that objects, especially words and images, need to be close to your face for you to see clearly.

However, your child may be farsighted. That would cause them to sit further away from the TV or hold their phone further away from their face.

If you notice that your kid is using an unusual distance at home – or perhaps sits unusually close or far away from the board at school – you will want to get their vision checked.

3. Consistent Headaches or Eye Pain

Sometimes your child doesn’t realize their vision is poor. After all, it’s the only vision they’ve ever had.

However, they may tell you that they have frequent eye pain or headaches.

This may simply be from too much screen time, but it is also a sign that their eyes are struggling to focus. Overexertion to try to focus on objects and words day after day can cause that kind of strain.

Headaches and eye pain can affect a child’s ability to focus on schoolwork as well.

If you notice unexplained problems doing homework or paying attention in class, it may be a vision problem rather than a behavioral issue.

The Benefits of a Comprehensive Eye Exam

How do you know if your child needs glasses? You get their vision tested!

Vision screenings are common in school and at doctors’ offices. However, they don’t reach the level of a full eye exam, which happens at an optometrist’s office.

Eye exams have the benefit of checking for a variety of issues.

Yes, near-sightedness and far-sightedness are the most common problems, but there are other concerns as well.

An optometrist can check for eye alignment and crossed eyes, depth perception, and the overall health of the eyes.

Hopefully the exam doesn’t reveal a significant health problem, but if it does, the earlier you can get treatment the better.

Getting glasses to correct vision is very common and can make a huge difference in your child’s daily life.

Getting Your Child Excited About Glasses

How do you convince your child that getting glasses is a good thing? Sometimes kids wearing glasses can get made fun of, and things can get very hurtful.

The good news is that today’s glasses, even for kids, are more stylish than ever. They’re still durable and easy to care for, but the best kids designer frames can make your child the envy of their class.

There are a variety of colors and styles that help your child display their personality. If they love pink, purple, flair, or anything else, there’s a style for them.

Best of all, let your kid know that wearing glasses will help them resolve their vision problems.

When a child isn’t struggling with eye pain, headaches, and blurred vision, their performance at school and at home can skyrocket.

They’ll be better able to focus, get their homework done more quickly, and won’t struggle to see what they’re reading or looking at.

Getting a child excited to wear glasses is simply about showing them the many benefits and helping them see that glasses today are stylish and fun, not clunky or “nerdy.”

Notice the Signs Your Child Needs Glasses

Kids don’t always know that their vision problems aren’t normal. It’s easy for them to assume everyone sees the way they do.

However, you may notice signs your child needs glasses.

If you notice squinting, eye rubbing, closing one eye, or problems focusing at school or home, consider getting a full vision screening.

The same holds true if your child complains of eye pain, headaches, or blurred vision.

Once your child gets glasses, they’ll see a whole new world — literally! Their confidence will skyrocket, especially with today’s stylish and fun children’s glasses frames.

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