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US Trivia

US Rivers
Two of the largest rivers in the United States are: The river originates in: The river runs into:
1. Mississippi River Minnesota Gulf of Mexico
2. Colorado River Rio Grande Gulf of Mexico


State Names

Origin of State Name


This state got its name from a word meaning mountainous place. Montana
This state was named after the largest river in the US. Mississippi
This state got its name from the Indian word meaning lakes. Michigan
This state was named for William Penn. Pennsylvania
This state was named for the father of our country. Washington
This state was named for a group of Indian people and the name means friends. Texas
This state got its name from a Spanish word that means full of flowers. Florida
This state got its name from two French words that mean green mountains. Vermont
This state got its name from the Spanish word that means snowy. Nevada
This state got its name from a river that originates in the state. Indians used the word, which means reddish brown, to name the river. Colorado
What is the name of your state?  
Where did your state gets its name?  



Who discovered America?

Christopher Columbus
When was America discovered? 1492
North and South America were named after a man. What was his name? Amerigo Vespucci who landed in a place now called South America in 1501.


Mississippi River
The Mississippi River gets its name from an Indian word. What does the word mean? Big River
The Mississippi River forms the borders or partial borders of many states in our union. What are those states? Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Kentucky, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana



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