You have volume. Volume is the spaceyou take up.

Volume and Shape

Volume does not have anything to do with shape.

Every time you move, you change your shape. But yourvolume only changes when grow taller or gain or lose weight.

You could also change volume if you were to grow shorteror shrink. Do kids ever shrink? _____________

Other things have volume too, Think of an egg. An egg takes up a certain amountof space so it has volume.

But an egg can change shape. It always changes shape whenyou break it.

But it does not change volume when you break it.

Think of the shape of round balloons and a long, skinnyballoon. Doesthe shape have anything to do with the volume of the balloons? _____________

Volume and Weight

Volume does not have anything to do with weight, either.

Think of two balloons. One of the balloons, a yellow one, is larger than the red one.

They probably have very close to the same weight. But oneballoon has much more volume than the other balloon. Which one has more volume, the redballoon or the yellow balloon. _______________

Now think of a suitcase. The suitcase has volume. If you fill the suitcase with rocks, which suitcase has more weight, the empty suitcase orthe full suitcase? _________________________

Which suitcase has more volume? ________________________

Both suitcases have the same volume even though the fullsuitcase weights much more than the empty suitcase.

Check Out Volume

Lets check out the volume of several things from thekitchen. First you need permission from your mom. Then you need a ballpoint pen.

Nowfind an unbreakable container.

You can use an empty milk carton or an empty icecream container.

Rinse out your container. If you use a milk container,open it up as wide as possible.

Now gather some fruit and vegetables. Some good oneswould be:

Grapes Tomatoes Onions

You might get two onions, one large onion and one smallonion. If you don’t have the right fruits and vegetables, use other ones, such as an appleor a pear or potato. You can even use an egg if you are very, very careful not to breakthe egg.

By the way, is an egg a fruit or vegetable?__________________

We are using fruits and vegetables because everything weuse will get wet. We only want to use things that will not be hurt if they get wet.

Before you start, answer these two questions:

1. Which fruit or vegetable do you think will have thelargest volume? ______________

2. Which one do you think will have the smallest volume?______________

Fill your container about one-half full of water. Add thegrapes to the water, making certain that you have enough water to cover the grapes. Nowmark the outside of the container where the water stops. Mark it with a line and a"G" for grapes.

Carefully remove the grapes without spilling any water.

Now add the tomato. Mark the container with a line and a"T." Remove the grapes. Again, do not spill water.

Now add the small onion. Mark the container with a lineand a "SO," then carefully remove the small onion.

Then add the large onion. Mark the container with a lineand a "LO" Remove the large onion without spilling water.

Keep adding and removing different items as long as youwish.

Which one has the largest volume? ________________ Thiswill be the one that has the highest mark on your container.

Which one has the smallest volume? ________________ Thiswill be the one that has the ________________ mark on your container?

Look at your answers in number one and two above. Did youguess correctly? ___________________

If you have a peanut, put it in the water. Can youmeasure the volume of the peanut this way? _____________

Why not?___________________________________________________________________________

We could measure the volume of the other items becausethey sink and are covered by water. We cannot measure the peanut because it_______________________.

A peanut floats!

If you are not sure of some of the answers, ask yourparents. If your parents are not sure, take it to school tomorrow and ask your teacher.

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