Your Child Thinking About International Studies? Start Here!

It’s a moment most parents dread – it’s time for your baby to leave home for school!

More some parents, the matter is made even more difficult when your child has a bit of the adventurous spirit and may be looking to find that education at some distant point across the globe.

The horror!

While the stats tell the story, it is entirely possible that you may be faced with the challenging – but very exciting – prospect of helping your child through this daunting process.

Australia: a Popular Global Destination for Studies

Sydney is home to a lot of schools and Universities, and is in fact the 3rd most popular country for international students!

And while your young adventure may have their sites set on this ‘in demand’ destination, there is the matter of ‘where’ they will stay to factor in as some offer lodgings and some may not.

Moreover, where you live as a Student can have a huge role to play in your academic success. After all, wouldn’t you love to have comfort and a beautiful stay while studying to get a degree in the iconic city of Sydney.

Ultimately, you do not want to put yourself in a bad situation or go through inconvenience which can take a toll on your optimum performance in school.

Picture coming back after a hard day’s lecture to a dingy apartment, where you share a living space with a noisy mate. While you try to distract yourself and surf the net, it turns out you have been logged out of the WiFi, and the bills are just lying beside you beckoning on you to pay them. If your goal is to focus on your academics, then you’d need to take your mind off all that stress.

If your child is thinking about studying abroad (and subsequently looking at getting student accommodation in Sydney, for example), you may find it can be an uphill task for your young adventurer. It is an expensive and a well inhabited city, so getting a ‘good’ place can be a challenge given the high number of schools in the city. You can have the best experience on the budget you want.

There are good locations all around the city but what should you look out for in order to get the best experience as a student?

#1 – Availability of a house manager.

This is necessary to take care of your needs and other situations that may arise while you live there. You need to have someone you can call on if the plumbing needs fixing, or if the power trips off, or the internet isn’t working anymore.

#2 – Internet facilities.

Some lodgings offer a maximum number of Gigabytes for every room while others offer unlimited WiFi access. Ask which one the lodging offers. You don’t want to be logged out while doing some important work.

#3 – How bills are paid.

Are they included in the rent or come as separate payments? It’s more convenient if they are included in the rent.

#4 – Minimum and maximum stay duration.

Maybe you have to ask, how many months you can pay for at a stretch? That’s in case you change your mind or find a better lodging.

The ideal should be a 1 month stay, so if your budget for the next month falls short, you can get another option.

#5 – Extra convenience?

How close is it to school? Shared or single kitchens? En-suite bathrooms? Terraces? Close by gym, Outdoor party area? Check out other conveniences that may be offered by the lodge.

You can also make inquiries if your department has plans for group renting. It’s cheaper and saves you a lot of stress. There are also options of sharing a room with someone, and you get to pay less than the normal rent. And there are also apartments that have multiple rooms, so a group of friends and study mates can come together to rent it and have a great time even while studying.

You can make your bookings even before you come into town. There is no point being stranded. You just have to look out for companies that can help you secure student accommodation in Sydney and hope for the best.

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