5 Essential Tips for Having a Great Family Road Trip

We all had issues with taking the whole family on a road trip. The thought alone has made many people feel stressed and anxious, so you have to take this whole endeavor seriously.

Still, it doesn’t have to put stress on you, and after doing it a couple of times you can soon realize how great of an experience this activity can be.

Taking your kids on any kind of trip can be difficult and this is especially true when traveling by car. There are lots of things you need to consider and take care off to ensure that everything goes smoothly. Once you’ve done the following things, you can rest assured that you and your kids will have a pleasant trip.

Inspect your vehicle

car=repairIf you plan on renting a car, you need to ensure that you get it from someone reliable and that the transaction is legal. Such service providers are legally obligated to maintain vehicles and it’s essential to ensure that your car is in good condition for the road.

After long hours of driving even completely functional vehicles can break down, so you have to do everything in your power to reduce the chances of this happening. Take your car for a technical inspection or inspect your car home on your own if you know your way around an engine.

You don’t want to risk getting your car totaled or putting your family in jeopardy, so make sure that you do this properly.

Bring backpacks

Even though your kids might not be going to school during this period, they will still need their backpacks.

Trust me, bringing a backpack for each of your kids will save your life and bring you peace on your trip. Fill up the backpacks together with your kids and make sure to bring gadgets, games, snacks, beverages, food, crayons and so on.

If you have older kids, you can also bring a travel journal for them to have fun by tracking where the road is taking them. They can find out which fun sights you can see on your way and what activities you can do. Also make sure to bring their favorite toys, items, blankets and pillows.

Charge all of your gadgets

gadgetsGiven the fact that you will probably be taking several gadgets on the trip, you will have to charge them before setting off.

Gather all of the tablets, smartphones, laptops and portable DVD players, and recharge their batteries. It can be very unpleasant to start your trip and soon realize that your iPad is completely empty.

Furthermore, your kids sometimes need their gadgets to calm down, and if you don’t have them the trip can turn into a real mess, especially if the kids start fighting over a gadget. You should also make sure that you bring a portable charger for the trip.

Trust me, this is a good thing – if you need these chargers it means that your kids are spending most of the time locked into their gadgets and that they are keeping calm, which is always welcome.

Make a music playlist before going out

One of the most important things you need for the road is good music for the kids. Children love music and they respond well to it.

It’s one of the trump cards you can always use to calm them down. Even if they are fighting amongst themselves, playing some music they enjoy will come them down quickly.

No matter if you have a CD player or USB, make sure to create a mix your family loves. This is how you can also add some music that you like to listen to and avoid listening to children’s songs the whole way.

Be prepared for anything


Expect for the unexpected because let’s face it, you will be away for a long time with your kids in the car.

You can pack some paper towels, toilet paper, Ziploc bags and saltine crackers in case your kids have car sickness. If they have some health issues, make sure to bring their meds and anything you need to help them.

If you are still potty training, bring a potty with extra wipes and pull-ups to prepare for everything. Bringing some spare clothes is also a good idea, especially if your kids are still toddlers and they tend to get messy. You know your kids the best, so expect the worst from them and be prepared.

These tips will definitely help you prepare yourself for the journey and enjoy it to the fullest. As we know, kids can be a lot of hard work, but if you are prepared for everything, you will be able to tackle issues quickly and enjoy spending quality time with your family, and nothing beats that.

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