5 Ways to Bring Peace, Love and Tranquility to You & Your Family

Plenty of people are interested in reducing stress levels for themselves and their family and living a happier life. Those who look to welcome more tranquility into their lives can do it in multiple ways, approaching any one or combination of approaches. Some target their personal relationships or work lives, others try to create a tranquil environment in all areas, and of course there are plenty more options such as self-healing techniques or relaxation methods.

Many techniques can be useful, so let’s take a look at some of the best right now.


Meditation is simply taking some time to do absolutely nothing, in most cases. There are differing versions of meditations, some guided and some unguided. These can range from literal nothingness, to an open concentration or focus on the environment around you, or perhaps your body/breathing. Other forms may include visualization or inner reflection.

Regardless of what approach you prefer, meditation has been scientifically proven to provide many of the ancient benefits that traditionalists have been claiming for decades. These benefits include anti-depressant effects, improved memory and brain function, plus benefits for anxiety, addiction, attention and concentration.

Stay Organized & Plan Carefully

Another key consideration to live a tranquil, peaceful life is to be organized. When you’re disorganized, you create unnecessary stress for yourself because you end up forgetting things or trying to cram things in because you haven’t allocated enough time. It can lead to other losses of time too, if you need to keep making shop trips for example because you don’t use an organized list of what you need during weekly shops. Finances are another area where lack of organization can create extra stress.

Plan your time and expenses carefully, and also create a schedule so you don’t end up overburdening yourself, another stress source.

Create a Quiet Environment

Creating a quieter environment at home, work or even in the car is a real possibility. Reducing unnecessary noise can really help to limit the stress levels. There are all types of items and recommendations available for sound reduction and creating quiet environments.

Places such as the Quiet Resources site act almost like guides to creating a quieter life, providing you with rundowns and recommendations of the best items by category.

Get Outdoors More

Taking some time to get out in nature is always a great idea, yet with modern city life many people struggle to do this. Take advantage of a little time in your garden, natural light has a number of benefits for your system. Likewise parks and the countryside can be a great way to unwind. Why not try hiking or climbing and combine the outdoors with exercise, another way to reduce stress?

Take Some ‘You Time’!

When was the last time you just took some ‘me time’? We should all be doing this regularly, yet fast paced lifestyles make it a rare phenomenon. There’s a lot of benefits to ‘me time’ including reduced fatigue, improved mood and improved productivity. These all make you a nicer person to be around as well, so don’t think you’re doing your family a favor by ignoring it. Take some time for yourself, guilt free, each day. Just a short 15min period will do fine for starters, and try to incorporate something longer each week.

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