5 Ways to make your Budget Family-friendly

Running a family can be demanding and it’s easy to find yourself overwhelmed by chores and expenses. While some people have no explanation why they haven’t made a family budget, others are discouraged because there isn’t enough money at end-month. However, it’s crucial that you start viewing your finances from a different angle and keep them under control.

Creating a good budget takes time so it’s better to wait and start the task when you have some free time as opposed to creating a budget in a hurry. The earlier you set up a family-friendly budget, the easier it will be for you to make progress in building your financial profile.

With a family-focused budget, you’ll be able to make better financial decisions that will help you eliminate debt and stretch the available funds. In this article, you’ll find useful tips on how you can make a budget more family oriented.

Involve your partner

If you are married or live with other family members, you probably realize this decision involves consultation. Try to find some time and discuss with your partner or family members about the issue and listen to their input. If you are dealing with someone who isn’t conversant with budgeting, take your time to explain the benefits.

Statistics have shown that money issues are among the major causes of family disagreements. If you can take the initiative and create an actionable plan, money related quarrels can be eliminated.

Identify your family earnings and expenses

To get started on the right footing, it’s important to identify where your money is coming from and where it is going. List all the sources of income for your family as well as the specific amounts and make sure you include everything no matter how small.

For most people, the difficult part is recording all your expenses. This is because it’s easy to be fully aware of your revenue streams but being conscious about how every cent is spent can be hard. To make things easier, try to gather some receipts, bills, credit card statements and bank statements for the past few months.

There are also some annual or seasonal expenses that must be factored in your analysis. You’ll also realize that there will be some expenses that are not accounted for but don’t worry because there is some sort of leakage in most families.

Set achievable financial goals

For most families living from paycheck to paycheck, saving some money seems like a huge goal that is unachievable. But with proper financial planning, you’ll be amazed by how much you can achieve with the same income you have now.

Your financial goals will determine how much you need to adjust your budget to accommodate the objective.

Balance your budget

Since you’ve already identified your expenses, it’s time to focus on making the necessary adjustments. If you are not pleased with the amount of money left after all the expenses, this is an opportunity to look at your budget and determine what can be cut down to free up some money.

Take a keen look at your recurrent expenses and try as much as possible to give up all the unnecessary expenses. For instance, if you can decide to give up expensive HD cable services if your budget is bloated. The goal here is to make some adjustments no matter how small they may appear because the amounts will eventually grow.

Budget for travel

Just because you are living on a budget doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take your family for a vacation. Although most people see vacations as instant budget busters, it’s possible to plan early and enjoy a good vacation.

By planning ahead, you can adjust your budget to make savings for the vacation so that when the time comes you won’t struggle with finances.


A good family budget will go a long way in facilitating a healthy balance between family earnings and expenses. But this is only the beginning, to see meaningful results; you must be committed to implementing the budget.

With discipline, a budget will facilitate a debt-free life as well as enable you to make more savings regularly. All you need is commitment and motivation.

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