6 Tips to Help You Find More Time in the Day for Family

Struggling to spend as much time with your kids as you would like? Has your time with your spouse or partner dropped over the years?

It can be frustrating trying to shoehorn time with family into an already hectic life. What can you do to help ensure you are able to spend as much time as possible with the people who matter most in your life?

Actually, there are plenty of ways. We’ll discuss six of them below.

Redesign Your Kitchen

Once upon a time, the kitchen was the most frequently used room in the home. It is slowly regaining that reputation, but you can jumpstart the process in your home. Modern kitchen design allows you to create the ideal space for spending time with your kids and your spouse.

For instance, you could design a nook with benches and a table. It could be the perfect spot for breakfast together, but it might also be the best place in the house for doing homework, while dinner is cooking.

You could design an island ideally suited to barstools, giving the whole family a place to sit and laugh while sharing coffee, tea or hot chocolate. You get the idea – modern kitchen design trends can help you transform your old kitchen into a family paradise.

Make Family Dinners a Rule

When your kids were little, family dinners were probably pretty common. Now, though, you probably have one child out with friends, another doing homework, while you scarf down a bite before heading off for an overtime shift.

The good news is that you can make family dinners a rule – not every night of the week, but on those nights when it works best for you. By sitting down together to eat, you strengthen family bonds and are able to share time with one another in a setting that is exclusively about being with one another.

Find Activities You All Enjoy

Another way to build more time for family into your routine is to find activities that you all enjoy doing, and then scheduling them. It could be anything – spelunking, hot air ballooning, visiting art galleries, or something else.

Whatever it is that you all love to do together, make time for it a few times per week. There’s no rule set in stone about how frequently you need to do this, either. Whatever fits your schedule is fine.

Get Everyone Involved in Chores

While it might not seem like it, getting the whole family involved in handling chores on a regular basis can actually help you feel closer to one another.

It builds a sense of camaraderie and teamwork that can be missing if just a couple of people are responsible for keeping everything in the home running smoothly.

Make a Family Game Night

If your family is usually off with everyone doing their own thing, time together can feel fragmented. Change that by calling a family game night.

One night per week (weekends often work best, but not always), set aside time to play a game together. It could be a board game. It could be a console game like group Mario Kart on the Switch. Whatever the case, make it a fun time together.

Use Technology

In a situation in which everyone is out of the house for long periods, use technology like Facetime, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and other apps to stay in touch regularly.

We believe that every family should be able to enjoy time with one another in the best way possible.

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