How to Choose the Perfect Anniversary Gift for Mom and Dad

It goes without saying that everyone loves to get presents.

And, the choice of gifts depends to whom you are giving the gift. When it’s your parents’ anniversary they definitely deserve something special and meaningful on this joyous occasion. Expensive presents never bring out the true emotion of joy.

On the other hand, your thoughtfulness can go a long way.

You can go all crazy by buying bulk flowers and decorating the entire house or just make them a bouquet with your own hands.

Whatever you give them, rest assured they will love it. Just to help you with selecting the perfect present, here are a few tips:

Differentiate your gift from the rest

How will your parents know if you send them an anonymous gift? Well, they definitely would if you know just the right way. Send them something unique along with the present you are giving. For instance, you can send a small card with a good memory on it.

Or, you can make things interesting by sending them anonymous letters and flowers for one week each day before the anniversary. We would recommend you to buy bulk flower because the more, the merrier, right?

Be ready to put on effort

Before choosing a gift, something you must keep in mind is that you should be willing to put some effort. Your parents usually don’t expect anything fancy during anniversaries and a normal present would be given to them by many.

Your job is not to buy them something of necessity rather doing something that will make them happy.

You can get them a mason jar with funny chits or write top 100 good memories of you with them. That particular present will hold more emotional value than any other expensive gifts from friends or relatives.

Choose nothing but customized products

Your parents deserve to feel special on their anniversary and you have a big role to play in it. Nothing makes a couple feel more special when they see that something is tailored just according to their needs.

You can go for customized mugs with captions relevant to their daily conversation. Customizable book art or sound wave canvas can be your presents too if your parents are the creative types.

For emotional parents, the best customized product would be a personalized family name signed wooden show-piece. You can choose to make them on your own with poster paper and chart papers. Other gifts can be customized pillows, his and hers watches or personalized wall plaques.

‘Wow’ them with your thoughtfulness


You might hear these words quite often of doing something out of the box. It’s your parents’ anniversary and going out of the clichéd will get your parents off-guard. Decorate their room with flowers just the way you saw them in their wedding photographs.

The arrangement can get expensive but the expression on your parents’ face after they find the surprise would be priceless. If you’re running on a low budget you can opt for get bulk flower that will cut down your cost.

Go for meaningful flowers

Every flower has a different meaning. You can send your parents a type of flower each day with a meaning that it represents and how it was important throughout the journey of your parents.

For example, send them a chrysanthemum that portrays loyalty and love and write a short message about the love your parents have for each other.

Send them a gladiolus another day which means strength and talk about the bond of your parents’ relationship.

Make something funny


When in doubt, the humorous approach always works! Make them a customized video with their funny pictures and moments.

Try to go through a timeline approach starting from videos when they first started dating to the anniversaries they celebrated together.

T-shirts with funny comments can be a simple yet thoughtful gift.

Give them a token to cherish memories

Finally, choose a worthwhile gift; a gift about which they can share stories about. A simple handmade calendar with special dates for your parents marked on can be a token of good memories.

A mason jar, a journal with pictures, a well-decorated wall with family photographs-all these are gifts that can make your mom and dad happy not just on their anniversary but every time when they look at them.

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