Exploring Meth Addiction: A Family Crisis in Eastern Canada

In a recent article by the Sudbury Star, Meth was listed as one of Ontario’s most deadly street drugs, and for good reason: Meth continues to be extremely problematic in this Eastern Canadian province despite its deadly side effects.


Methamphetamine was used to keep drivers, students, athletes awake and alert. Its popularly started in the 1950’s when its harmful and addictive effects weren’t discovered yet. Methamphetamines are synthetic drugs that function as mental stimulants.

What Happens:

When snorted, eaten, or injected, these drugs induce a person to a state of euphoria.

The release of the hormones dopamine and norepinephrine induce a person to a state of “high” upon snorting or swallowing the drug. A person’s appetite is usually reduced by the use of amphetamines. A number of those who are addicted to the drug initially use it to reduce weight.


The use of meth will cause a person to be excessively active.

In addition to doing continuous activity without the need for sleep and rest, the person may also experience an increase in breathing, heart rate and blood pressure. Headaches, hot flashes, dry mouth, sweating, dizziness and blurred vision may also be experienced.

Getting Help:

There’s little doubt about it – if you suspect a family member or loved one is dealing with a drug addiction, it is unlikely that they will be able to overcome the addiction alone.

When your loved one is being treated for meth addiction, he or she may experience overeating, sleepiness, drug craving and anxiety as part of the withdrawal symptoms. The person may also experience other symptoms similar to depression.

Because of these intense withdrawal symptoms, it is necessary to enroll the patient in a program that will include the use of medications in the detoxification process. These medications will lessen the withdrawal effects and also the craving for the drug.

The solutions to the meth addiction will help the patient recover his normal breathing rate, heart rate, blood pressure and appetite.

The person can return to regular eating and sleeping patterns. Tooth decay, acne, diarrhea and other meth side effects are also eliminated.

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