Are The First Signs Of Hair Loss Happening At A Younger Age?

When we consider hair loss, we tend to think of it as being something that occurs as we get older. However, nowadays it is becoming very common to see hair loss happening to people at a much younger age too.

For those that are unfortunate enough to experience this, there are ways to help increase the amount of hair they have on their head. A hair transplant is the most common way to do this, especially with hair transplantation cost becoming much more affordable, though with plenty of alternatives available too, covering up and fixing this can be simple – but why is it happening?

It isn’t always particularly easy to identify early signs of hair loss in some cases; however, there are some subtle signs to look out for, which could point to the early stages.

What Are The Signs Of Hair Loss?

It is more common for men to experience balding, which starts with their hairline; however, it doesn’t mean that women can’t. When balding, your hairline begins to turn into a V-shape, which usually starts at the temples, and appears to look quite thin at first.

It is recommended that, if you think that you are experiencing thinning of the hair, that you should take monthly pictures under the same lighting, to compare your hair over periods of time in order to be sure.

When you wash or brush your hair, you will notice that some hairs come away. This is perfectly normal for the most part – on average, we lose around 100 hairs a day. However, if excessive chunks of hair are coming off your head every day for a long period of time, then you should contact your GP or a specialist.

Can Hair Loss Occur At A Younger Age?

Unfortunately, alopecia is a hair loss condition that more and more young people are beginning to suffer from. The signs of hair loss in these cases tend to begin to appear in mid-late twenties. This can have a huge emotional impact on someone experiencing this disease, especially at such a young age.

These are the years where people tend to be starting out with a career, or meeting someone to spend the rest of their life with and the confidence knock alone can have devastating effects. It can really affect one’s self-image and is known to make them insecure and unhappy.

Temporary hair loss can occur at a younger age too. There are common triggers, such as your diet, stress, medication or illness, which can cause and accelerate hair loss. All of these factors are all increasingly common amongst younger people, thus increasing the chances of hair loss occurring.

Is Stress a Factor?

These days, our younger generation experience an excessive amount of stress with exams, family life and choosing their career paths, in addition to the expectations which social media demands from them regarding their appearances.

If they experience hair loss as a result, then this can be a downhill slippery slope, because it could lead to other illnesses such as anxiety or depression.

Unfortunately the first signs of hair loss do occur at a younger age for some people. It varies from each individual and can be dependent on their genetics and even their diet and lifestyle but regardless, hair loss, whether temporary to permanent, can be a very unpleasant experience both physically and mentally.

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