How an Automated Home Can Offer Benefits to Parents

When it comes to home automation and the Internet of Things, much of what we hear is cautionary, or even worrying. Horror stories about unsecured Internet-connected toys that allow hackers to spy on children are terrifying, for instance. There’s good news, though. Creating an automated home can actually offer quite a few important benefits for parents.

Improved Physical Safety

It’s a common occurrence – someone rings the doorbell and you go to look to see who it is. You peer through the window, or you use the peephole, but you really can’t get a good idea of who is out there, or even how many people there are. However, with automated home technology, you can see who’s at the door at all times, in all light conditions.

From doorbell cameras to wireless video monitoring from the stoop, you can help reduce the risk inherent when opening the door to strangers.

Control Internet Access

The Internet is an amazing tool. However, it’s without a doubt filled with risks and threats. From pornography to cyberbullying, identity theft to sexual predators, it’s a terrifying world for your child to wade through on their own, and it can be challenging for parents to control where their children go online.

With an automated home system, you can keep tabs on what your children are doing online, and even block specific websites. You can also have the router shut down at a specific time at night to prevent your children from using the Internet without supervision after you go to bed.

Improved Climate Control

It is vital for young children to be in a protected environment safeguarded from temperature extremes, but they also benefit from fresh air. Indoor air can be highly polluted, even with HEPA filters and other advanced technology. With an automated home, you can benefit from a fresh air system that relies on cool night-time air to keep your home comfortable, while also reducing the amount of air pollution within your home.

The Security of Lighting

We rely on artificial lights in our homes when there is not enough natural light, and during the night. However, there is no denying that children can benefit from the security that a nightlight can provide during the night. With an automated home, you can program smart lights to turn on and off at specific times, and you’ll find a wide range of light styles, from downlights to those designed to replace conventional bulbs.

As you can see, the automated home offers quite a few benefits for parents. Get in touch with your local home automation provider to learn more.

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