5 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying an Oil Painting For Your Home

Art reproductions make a marvelous investment to bolster the interior of your home, but it can turn out to be a misadventure to buy if you’re a beginner. You might feel like stepping into a club that you don’t belong to. But worry no more; you’re not alone.

Buying an original piece of art should be an exciting adventure in itself, but a lot of people approach it with apprehension and nervousness. On the contrary, it should always feel like finding and connecting with a piece of art you truly desire. It should be something that makes you stop and stare at with sheer excitement.

With just a few basic points to keep in mind, they will help work wonders to make this whole process less nerve-wracking and a lot easier!

We’ve crafted a list of five typical mistakes you can avoid when buying an oil painting on canvas.

1. Turn a blind eye to the Placement of the Painting

oil painting of boats on water with buildings in the background

The first mistake most people make is to start their quest for their favorite painting without having a space in mind.

Let’s picture s scene— you’re finally successful in finding that perfect oil painting. You’ve already pictured it on your living room’s wall, and it looks flawless in your mind, so pulsating and full of color!

But wait, when you finally take it home, you realize something— ah! It’s too small. Even worse, it looks solitary on that huge living room wall. Also, the colors do not go well and they with your living space. Now that handmade art piece simply looks odd with your existing décor.

Pro Tip: It is always wise to consider the placement of an oil painting beforehand. Not only it helps you find your ideal artwork (in practical terms) but it also helps make sure that it blends perfectly with your wall!

2. Overlooking the Artist:

old oil painting of man in hat

While it is arguably true that it is difficult to resist that breathtaking piece of handmade art right in front of you, many people do not take into consideration some important factors about the painters themselves.

It is wise to always look into the educational qualification of the artist that helps you define their overall knowledge of the subject. Also, it is sage to research beforehand if the artist holds an exhibition history or ever received an award from a recognized institution, which lays a stronger testimony of their true artistic talent.

Finally, while it can look impressive for the artist to have different skills across a wide range of mediums and subject matters, remember, some of the most celebrated artists in history are those who were masters of one specialty.

It’s important to check if they have a consistent portfolio which is an indication of a more mature artist priding their craft on a style that is unique to them.

3. Buying Online from Just Anywhere

oil painting of man who is painting with skeleton playing violin in the background

In today’s fast-paced world, we often tend to buy art online from any old company or individual without researching who they actually are and what kind of customer service they provide to their customers. It is important to stay safe while shopping online.

Always cross-check for verified testimonials from other customers. Look out for companies that have a proven record in producing fine quality oil paintings on canvas! Also, try not to get too carried away with the famous painting reproductions, because it is equally important to be painted by a professional who can do utmost justice to the detail and mood of the original composition.

Pro tip: If you’re planning to buy famous art reproductions at an online auction, pay close attention to the seller’s authentic feedback (if available). Do your homework well enough to know about the company before committing to a purchase.

4. Choosing the Cheapest Delivery Method when ordering Online

oil painting of paper and art supplies

You’re going to potentially spend a good amount of money on the painting that you like, aren’t you? So, why try to save on Shipping when it could compromising on its safety?

If you are going to order your artwork online via mail, it’s better to select the safest possible shipping method that comes with the added assurance of tracking whenever possible. While it is arguably true that it may dig an additional hole in your pocket, it ensures that your painting will arrive damage-free and you can have peace of mind knowing your favorite art piece arrives in its best, pristine form.

5. Not trusting Instincts

oil painting of whoman in white dress and hat sitting at table with newspaper and flowers

There’s no doubt it can be a safe bet by purchasing something that is an artistic reproduction of a popular ‘painting.

People often fail to make a decision from their own hearts and often end up choosing something that they think other people will consider great. But you need to understand that it is you who will have to live with the work for years to come!

Remember that it is important to choose something that you genuinely like. Something that you will enjoy glancing at almost every day, and not someone else!

Pro Tip: When you really fall for a painting, you’ll have a gut feeling that will pull you back to it again and again. And when you finally get that PERFECT PIECE, your heart will be filled with immense satisfaction that is difficult to describe in words.


The genuine hand-painted reproductions are crafted on canvas by skilled artists, who have years and years of experience. But, not all the oil paintings reproductions are created equal. So, at the end of the day, buy handmade oil paintings on canvas you love, while avoiding the above-mentioned mistakes. And we bet, you’ll surely have that perfect new addition to your home soon!

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