Love and Loving the Second Time Around.

In marrying the second time around, marry for yourself, notfor someone else. Second marriages should be for your love.

Love and Loving

Marry for Yourself! Love and Marriage: TheSecond Time Around.

Second marriages should be for your love. Marry for yourself, not for someone else.

Elementary, my dear Watson.

Surely we have grown beyond marrying to please our parents or our friends. Yet in first marriages, people often marry to please their parents or friends. They marry the person they love the most who also pleases their family and friends.

In second marriages, people are often concerned with pleasing their children (even their grown children) instead of their family and friends.

But you are the one living with the new partner, not your children. Even young children will leave home and start their own lives eventually. And grown children usually get over it!

This doesn’t mean you should not listen to your children. They may see things that you, that person in lust at the time, are missing.

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Hear them out. Thoroughly investigate their concerns.

Then follow your own heart.

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