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Questions and answers about problems surfers have including abuse, parenting, dating, self-esteem and many others. Questions answered as time permits by Dr. Luv.

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Dr. Luv, a teacher, a relationship coach, a columnist, a professional mediator, and a chemical dependency counselor, addresses your problems and concerns for CyberParent.

This column is for educational and entertainment purposes. The advice given is merely my thoughts. Professional advice should be sought before any decisions are made.
Dr. Luv

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Teenager asks advice about having affair with married, youth-choir organist.

Should I leave married man? I keep going back.

Low Self-Esteem from childhood led to depression.

Shy and Slow learner wants to meet opposite sex.

Abuse The pain lingers even after the relationship is over.

Lost Lover I can’t believe how lonely it is without him.

Handicapped Grandchild How to end verbal abuse by mother.

Abused Daughter How can I help her?

Verbally Abusive Father  Mom is afraid to get out of marriage because of finances.

Husband Never Helps Wife and mother whose husband never helps around the house and will not finish projects he starts.

Commit-Phobic Husband  Dr. Luv answers a wife who has married a non-committer and wonders if her husband can be helped.

Abused Husband and Kids Dr. Luv answers this father and husband.

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