Should I get away from married man?

Should I keep seeing a married man? I can not seem to get away. My family wants me to quit seeing him. What does Dr. Luv think?

Dr. Luv
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Dear Dr. Luv,

Hello, I know you must get thousands of e-mails a day but please can you try to respond back to me. I was in a relationship with someone for 14 months, when we first started going out everything seemed great, couldn’t have asked for a nicer guy. But 5 months into the relationship I found out that he was not divorced.

Let me explain , she lives in another state and  they have been separated for over three years. They do have 4 children together, 3 of which live with him now. We were together for 14 months but he has broken my trust one by lying to me about being divorced and other things, so I moved out and
we so-called broke up.

I find myself still going over to his house and sometimes spending the night, but when I leave I feel empty and very angry with myself. I tend to beat myself up for going back over to his house. I did agree to try to continue to be friends with him, but I am finding it hard to do.

My inner self keeps telling me to walk away, but I find myself right back over there. I have even considered either moving to another city or even out of state to end this. I hate hurting peoples feelings,but at the same time this thing feels like its killing me. 

I get very depressed after seeing him and tend to cry about this.

I don’t know what to do, I do know that I am tired of feeling this way. I tried to deal with his kids but I just can’t its a long story. I think that even if they
had not came to live with us we would have still went our separate ways . He has lied to me too much about too many things and I don’t and can’t trust him any more.

How do I end this thing or walk away? Can you please help me. I need someone who knows what they are talking about to give me some answers and some one without a biased opinion. My family wants me to stop seeing him altogether. I think that they are right.

What do you think? Thank you for listening .

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Reply from Dr. Luv

Dear CM,

Without a doubt your family is right. You seem to know this, too.

If you can not quit seeing this married and lying man on your own, seek professional help.

Good Luck,

Dr. Luv

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