Teenager considering affair with married man.

Teenager wants to have an affair with organist for youth choir at church. Dr. Luv answers surfers.

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Dear Dr. Luv,

I am 16 yrs.old, soon to be 17, and I am getting ready to have an affair with a married man. Now this is really going to sound awkward, but I need some sincere advice.

This man is 31 going on 32 and has a wife and 2 kids. He is a organist for my youth choir at church. I have kissed him on several occasions and we made out on the basement steps of the
church once,which almost led to sex.

He has given me all of his personal
contact numbers including his home phone number. We talk on the phone
very frequently although he has to  watch his cover because he is a famous
gospel recording artist.

I need to know if I should have this affair with him because I do have deep feelings for him and I am attracted to
him physically.  Although I do have a boyfriend I just want to have this
experience because I am attracted to older guys (my boyfriend is 18).

The whole idea of being secretive and no one knowing Btu us turns me on.
Please help me I think I am losing all rational control of my mind.

What should I do?

(Name withheld by Dr. Luv)


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Reply from Dr. Luv

Dear God, stop and think about this.

This man is supposed to be a

And here he is seducing a young woman. Add to that he is married.

What does this say about him as a man, or even worse, passing
himself off as a Christian man? Not much except "LOSER".

This is not a man. He is a leach preying on YOU. If he is doing this with you, you can bet he will do it with someone else.

He is lying through his teeth to you, to his wife, to his children, to his church family, and to God. What’s wrong with
this picture???

He is no better than a rock and roll star who has sex with the groupies who follow them. In fact he is much worse because he is passing himself off as something good and hiding behind the lies he tells the world.

Do you want to have sex with a liar and cheat or with someone with morals
and scruples. Save your gift for a man who loves you; one you can love
and respect–not a cheap affair with a loser and liar.

Keep your head and think about this. Lust is not love!

Good Luck,

Dr. Luv

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