Wedding Champagne Flutes: Why You Should Use Them For Your Celebration

Your wedding day is all about expressing yourself as a couple. As such, you should feel free to include all the personal touches you want.

You might go for a colorful dress instead of classic white, or a stack of pancakes in place of a cake. But there are some essentials, like champagne flutes, that you simply can’t do without.
Toasting with wedding champagne flutes is a classic feature of any wedding. So much so that it’s worth considering what style of flutes you want, as well as ways to make them into more of a feature.

Read on to find out why wedding champagne flutes are a must for your upcoming nuptials.

Add Style to the Speeches

Stylish flutes are a must during the wedding speeches. The last thing you want is for the best man to be holding a bottle of beer while he toasts to your eternal happiness. Plus, it creates harmony if all your guests have the same style of glass throughout such an important feature of the ceremony.

Create Great Photo Opportunities

Making sure everyone has the same champagne flute also makes for perfect photo opportunities.
Pictures of the bride clinking flutes with her bridesmaids or the groom and best man toasting with champagne are often fun images to include in the wedding album. And candid shots of the speeches look far better if everyone is raising the same style of glass.

Choose from a Range of Designs

Wedding champagne flutes are such a popular feature of any wedding that it’s possible to choose a design that is a perfect match for your theme.

You might want to go for a classic flute design to reflect the simplicity of your celebration. For a modern touch, stemless champagne flutes are becoming more popular. Or, perhaps you want to go all out with an ornate champagne flute featuring a gold stem or filigree detailing.

Make It Personal

Plastic champagne flutes offer an economical alternative to glassware. But they won’t look as good in photos and are bad for the environment too.

Save money and add a personal touch by giving your guests personalized stemless champagne flutes that can double-up as favors.

This way, your guests will all have the same stylish personalized champagne flutes to toast with during the ceremony. And they’ll also have a beautiful memento of your special day to take home with them.

Choosing the Right Champagne Flutes for Your Celebration

With so much to consider when planning your wedding, it’s easy to forget how important certain details can be.

But you’ll want every photo of your wedding to be as perfect as possible. This means ensuring that all your guests have a stylish wedding flute when they pose for pictures and toast to your happiness.

Not to mention, having a set of personalized champagne flutes at home is a great excuse to crack open the champagne when your wedding is a distant memory!

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