Weekly Math fun for kids

Weekly math fun for kids, with a science tip or two thrown in from time-to-time. Remember: don’t make a mess. If you accidentally make a mess, please clean it up.

The Car

Some families park the car in a driveway, parking garage, alley, home garage, or carport. Some families park on the street. Where does your family park?

Measure how far it is from the front door of your home to your car. How far is it? Now measure from the front door to the street. How far is it? Which is closer to your front door: the street or the car?

The Measuring Cup

Borrow a measuring cup and a set of measuring spoons from the kitchen. Fill the tablespoon with water and pour the water into the measuring cup. How many tablespoons does it take to make a cup? Do the same thing with the teaspoon. How many teaspoons does it take to make a cup?

Math Game

+3 -1 +5 -2 +4 Using the numbers above (with addition and subtraction only) and using each number as many times as you wish, write down four different ways you could make a total of 29. Write down four different ways you could make a total of 37.

The String

Take a string and place it around your head. Now using that string, measure your head in inches. Try it three times. Do you get a different answer each time? Why do you think you get a different answer?

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