Book reviews for men.

Book reviews for men. Booksreviewed and recommended additional reading from CyberParent.


Book Reviews

Books reviewed and recommended additional reading by CyberParent.

Food for Life: How the New Four Food Groups Can Save Your Life by Neal D. Barnard, MD

Dr. Bernard writes, "Certain foods slow the effects of time, while others speed them up. In addition, foods can change the amounts of hormones in the body." Citing overwhelming medical evidence previously downplayed by powerful lobby groups, Dr.Barnard reveals why a diet based on the four food groups (grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits) will sharply decrease the risk of cancer and heart disease while increasing life expectancy. And, most important, he shows how the quality of your later years can be vital rather than full of chronic disease.  An unexpected plus for this program is weight loss by most who make the transition to this new way of healthy eating.

Book Review by Pam Gordon. Copyright © 2000 CyberParent. All rights reserved

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The Friendship Factor How to get closer to the people you care for by Alan Loy McGionnis

We all know people who have countless friends. What is their secret?

The author writes that at the heart of each relationship is the friendship factor and that factor is the essential ingredient of warmth and caring.

The author gives you five ways to deepen all of your relationships, five guidelines for cultivating intimacy, and two ways to handle negative emotions without destroying the relationship.

Best of all McGinnis tells you how to forgive and salvage a faltering friendship or other love relationship.

This small and short (only 191 pages) paperback is quite reasonably priced. It is an excellent book to buy and keep! Book review continued.

Book Review by Jan Wilson: Copyright © 1999 CyberParent. All rights reserved

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