Are men given the privilege of deciding if they wish to be a father or not?

Men: Can a man choose or reject fatherhood and the support of a child that man does not want?

Women are given a legal right to determine if they want to be mothers or not. Are men given that same privilege? Is there really any difference in a woman terminating a pregnancy because she does not want to be a mother (ever or maybe only at this time) and a man walking away from supporting a child or a forced marriage because he doesn’t want to be a father? Does a man have a right to reject a child he did not knowingly conceive? This is quite a question. It seems quite unfair that a woman could walk away from motherhood without giving men that same privilege. In seeking equal fairness with women, some men feel they should have the right to choose or reject fatherhood. They think a man should also be able to say, “No, the timing is not right for me to be a father,” or “Yes, that child is mine and I will take responsibility for it.” They feel the man is no more or no less responsible than the woman for creating a child. And if the woman chooses to have the child that he is rejecting, he should not be responsible for supporting that child. I’ve got mixed feelings on the subject. Certainly it is not fair for women to have a choice and men not to have a choice? Yet, what about the child? And, would men be less responsible about pregnancy and sex if they knew they could walk away totally free from all responsibilities of fatherhood? What say you?

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