Men & Parenting

Men Raising a Strong, Happy Daughter
The Do’s and Don’t of Raising a Daughter.

Men as Dads: Can I Buy an Hour of Your Time?
Men sharing time with their kids, male and female.

Men as Non-Custody Dads
Non-Custody dads maintaining contact with their children after divorce.

Men Fathering a Daughter: Daddy’s Little Girl
Being ‘Daddy’s Little Girl’ can teach your daughter to be helpless, make her the prey of unscrupulous men, and even make her a victim of abuse later in life. Fathers foster the very things they hope to avoid by raising a daughter who is ‘Daddy’s Little Girl.’

Can Men Freely Decide to Be a Father?
Are men given the privilege of deciding if they wish to be a father or not?

Men as Dads: Using Massage to Bond with Baby
Most newborns, just like all humans, love a massage. Dads can bond with their babies through massage.

Thanks to Stepdad
As the author begins her new and part-time mommy adventures, she says thanks to her stepdad.

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