The Perks and Pits of Working From Home

The lockdown that has become the norm for many people since the pandemic kicked in earlier this year has disrupted how people used to handle their business.

Children have been forced to stay at home as they wait for things to cool down a bit.

As for many adults, at least those that still have jobs, working from home has been the only recourse available to them.

Although that may have some ups and downs, adjusting to this new way of life has been a challenging task for many.

The Perks

The following are some of the perks and benefits of working from home:

It Increases Productivity

There have been calls for allowing people to work from home.

Still, many employers have been shooting down the suggestions as they believed that without supervision, no work would get done, the pandemic has debunked that myth spectacularly.

When you work away from the office, there is less pressure that comes with being under surveillance all the time and this boosts productivity.

Without someone breathing down your back, you tend to be more relaxed and free, making you approach work with a better and more positive outlook.

It Saves You Money and Time

We waste a lot of time and money when stuck in traffic daily as we commute to and from the workplace.

For instance, the average American commuter wastes about 54hrs each year to traffic delays and snarl-ups.

That is time and money going down the drain, time that can never be recovered. Working from home totally eliminates that since you will barely leave your house.

You Can Customize your Working Environment

There is very little you can do at the office in terms of rearranging the space or introducing something new to make your stay there comfortable since you do not own the place.

Your house, however, gives you the right to create your own work environment.

You could add some ambient music to keep you company as you work or you can even re-purpose your bed to allow you to work from the comfort of your bedroom, as long as it does not interfere with the productivity you are free to try anything you want.

You Can Have Some Company

With children also stuck at home, taking those breaks from work will never be the same again.

You get to spend more time with your family and friends once you have cleared your day’s schedule.

In fact, if your work is not that engaging, you can multitask. You can be typing that work report while keeping an eye on your toddler or monitoring that washing machine as you answer a business call.

The Pits

As much as working away from the office may look like a good thing, there are some serious caveats that you have to be aware of. They include the following:

You Could Lose Track of Time

Getting used to the office trains your mind to accurately calculate the time you spend at your desk, preparing you for the end of the day.

When working from home, it is very easy to lose track of time if you are buried in your work.

You may end up disrupting even your meal times, and this is not healthy. You could also end up wasting time if you get distracted from your work.

To avoid this, ensure you have a watch nearby.

There is no need to buy a new one if your old watches are not working.

In most cases, watches stop working because of dead batteries. Other times, mechanical parts, like watch movements, need replacing. This can be done easily by a watch expert at a cheaper cost compared to buying a new one.

The Line Between Home and Work Could Get Blurred

It is very easy to fall into this trap where your work and home activities start overlapping, and before you realize it, you are mixing things up, jeopardizing your work.

You find yourself making business calls from your home line and vice versa.

Due to many distractions, you may also find yourself misplacing vital documents or forgetting important stuff like video calls and meetings.

You have to separate home and office.

Too Many Distractions

As much as you get to spend more time with your family and friends, they could prove to be a costly distraction that could derail your work completely.

You will have to find a way to plan your time properly and make it clear to other family members to stay clear when it is time to work.

The best option would be re-purposing your study into an office, locking yourself inside until your break time comes up.

Clarifications May Take Too Long

One big advantage of working from the office is the quick feedback you get when you need a quick clarification.

You may be stuck over something that your boss or colleague can help with; having to call them not only costs money, but it also takes time. There is also never that guarantee that you will get a hold of them immediately.

If it is an issue that requires urgent attention, then you could end up losing a client, for example.


Isolation and boredom are two things people never realize they can suffer from until they are alone.

When working from the office, you always get time to exchange little talk with your colleagues as you work. This helps to make people at ease and shift their focus away from work a little.

However, when you are holed up in your house alone with nothing more than your phone, desk, and computer, you quickly realize how hard it is to work when alone.

As much as you can switch to video calls, they do not have that personal touch that is present in a face to face conversation. Physical human connection is very important.


There is no end in sight for the current situation affecting the whole world right now. There are vaccines in the works already, but it may take a long time for them to start being effective.

Until then, the current situation will remain intact.

If you had not gotten used to spending time indoors, then it is time you started making peace with that since this situation may drag on till next year.

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