Erik Marcus, researcher and author, debunks the calcium crisis with 7 questions forNational Dairy Council.

Leafy greens contain no cholesterol or saturated fat, andthey are loaded with beneficial phytochemicals that are absent from dairy products.Some leafy greens have been proven to be better calcium sources than milk (both by weightand by calorie.) If increasing dietary calcium is a goal of the dairy council, why isn’tpriority given to leafy greens, especially since the calcium in leafy greens is often moreplentiful and better absorbed than the calcium in dairy products? Yet during the June 1999Calcium Summit, no people connected with these vegetable industries were specificallyinvited to the summit. Why not?

Calcium Crisis: Fact or Fiction?

By Erik Marcus

Debunking the "Calcium Crisis:" researcher and author Erik Marcus asks the National Dairy Council to answer questions regarding the so-called and self-proclaimed calcium crisis. These thought-provoking questions will make you think, particularly if they are never answered by the National Dairy Council or a dairy industry spokesman.

These questions raise some serious concerns regarding milk but do we need more milk to get calcium or less milk to avoid osteoporosis?.

Seven Questions the National Dairy Council Must Answer!

One of the National Dairy Council’s central missions these days seems to be repeating the phrase "calcium crisis" until the public gets caught up in a frenzy to consume more dairy products. Below, I offer seven questions that get to the root of the Dairy Council’s "Calcium Crisis." These questions raise some serious concerns regarding milk, and I invite the Dairy Council to respond. I ask that each answer be given in a summary ranging in length from one sentence to two hundred words.

The National Dairy Council and its associated groups consistently put out the message that milk builds strong bones and reduces osteoporosis risk. If milk can reduce the risk of osteoporosis, why has Harvard’s Nurses’ Health Study found women who consumed the most calcium from dairy products had almost double the rate of hip fractures compared to women who got the least calcium from dairy? SEVEN Questions From Erik Marcus 1) If cow’s milk improves bone health, how is it that the United States is a world leader in dairy consumption yet also has one of the highest rates of osteoporosis? 2) What percentage of studies related to milk and calcium are funded by the Dairy Council and other milk-industry groups? Each year, how many researchers and nutritionists receive grants from the Dairy Council and other milk industry groups? The Right Fats vs. The Wrong Fats. Pill-Popping Nutrition. Balanced Diet: What Is It? Osteoporosis: A series AHA Herb-Seasoning Mixture Debunking the Calcium Crisis Fatty Diets Equal Rotund, Unhealthy You. Cool, Clear Water. About Nutrition Directory. Letters from Readers Hydrogenated Fats: Technical Hydrogenated Fats Fat is More Fattening RDA for Fats The Bad-Guy Fats The Really Bad-Guy Fats The Good-Guy Fats The Really Good-Guy Fats The Skinny on Fats More Skinny on Fats Truth in Labels on Fats? What about Vitamin C? Beta-Carotene: You Need to Eat Your Veggies Book Reviews Doubtful Nutrients for Vegans and Vegetarians Genetically Engineered Foods Lactose Intolerence Do We Need Cow’s Milk? How to eat healthy for one, two, three or more. Lifestyles vs. Diseases Hidden Animals in Foods Recommended Food Groups/Servings Busy Cook: Cook healthy in two hours per week. Weekly Tips for Living Lunchbox Notes Dating/Meeting for Singles

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