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Follow the proper nutrition for health in yourdiet by eating nutritional foods. Nutrition in your family starts with your planninghealthy nutrients. Healthy nutrition starts with balanced nutrition: this includesall the nutrients you need in a day or two–not necessarily every meal. To increasenutritional health for your children, nutritious foods are served every day. Goodnutritive knowledge and proper nutrition is basic to good health. Nutrition is part ofevery family’s health responsibility.

About Nutrition and Health

Proper nutrition forchildren and adults is part of every parent’s health responsibility. Nutrition knowledgeand good nutritional habits are "health in the bank" for you and your family.Health starts with nutrients! Remember water, the most important nutrient of all!

Note: The opinions expressedherein are not medical advice and do not necessarily express the position of CyberParent.Consult your medical professional.

WhatAbout Vegetables Why Americans don’t eat theirfruits and veggies. Medical professionals, the American Medical Association, and even themedia tell us to eat our veggies. Why don’t we heed this advice?

ConvertingChildren to Healthy and/or Vegetarian Diets If your family decides toeat vegetarian or merely decides to go more healthy with food, you will certainlyappreciate these tips for persuading your children to join you!

Lifestylesvs. Diseases. Westerncultures have sky high rates of heart disease, cancer, stroke, osteoporosis, diabetes,etc. while cultures which have different diet and exercise lifestyles have much lowerincidences of these diseases. Our lifestyle includes a diet that emphasizes eating flesh,eggs, and dairy while lounging around in recliners and clicking the remote. Ironically,when other cultures adopt the Western lifestyle, their rates of our "Westerndiseases" climb. Technical writer Patricia York points out the differences incultures so you can draw your own conclusions, just as she has drawn hers.

Johnny, Eat Your Veggies Want your children to eat their veggies? Make it a family affair. This is a "miracle" that works for kids and husbands!

Nutrition for Children This excellent nutrition primer from the medical staff at Yale is a mustfor the libraries of all parents. It is the first book you should buy and probably theonly nutrition book you will need for years to come. Remember: the diet and nutritionhabits your child forms as a child determines his/her health for life.

Debunking the Calcium Crisis: Researcher andauthor Erik Marcus asks the National Dairy Council to answer questions regarding theso-called and self-proclaimed calcium crisis. These thought-provoking questions will makeyou think, particularly if they are never answered by the National Dairy Council or adairy industry spokesman.

Fatty Diets EqualRotund, Unhealthy You! Lower the fat inyour diet by converting fat grams to fat percentages, then reading labels and followingour simple steps to lower dietary fat. Change your nutrition and eating habits to lessfatty foods. The pay off for this step to good nutrition is increased health for yourfamily and a possible weight loss.

Pill-Popping Nutrition. We look for miracle pills for nutrition, dieting, andenergy. Vitamins supplements and other pills are not the answer. Because there is muchabout nutrition we can’t incorporate into a pill and because there is much about nutritionthat we are still learning, we must eat proper nutrients for health. Since pills can’t doit all, a healthy, varied diet is still necessary for the continued good health of yourfamily.

The Right Fats vs. TheWrong Fats. For the good health and nutrition of our family, wemust eat less of the wrong fats: the saturated fats and trans fatty acids, while eatingmore of the Omega-6 and Omega-3 fats: the fats that are essential fats for life. We do notneed fats that convert to trans fatty acids. These chemically altered trans fatty acidsare listed on labels as hydrogenated oil and are particularly dangerous to family health.

What’sthe Skinny on Fats? Fats: to eat or not eat; whichfats to eat; which fats to curtail; which fats make you fat; which fats raise yourcholesterol. A directory of "fat" articles in this web.

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Do We Need Cow’s Milk? The recommendation that allindividuals over two years of age consume cows’ milk products daily began with the 1916food guide and has remained essentially unchanged despite later research, people withlactose intolerance, and other good sources of calcium.

Balanced Diet: What is it? For most of us, the morewe read and study, the more confused it becomes. This series is simple to follow andclears up most confusion.

What AboutThat Vitamin Stronghold:Vitamin C How about Vitamin C? In megadosesit guards against colds. We all know that. We need those antioxidant supplements, don’twe? We also know that it is not dangerous. We do? Where did you get your information?

Eating Healthy:Why Not? Why Not Eat Healthy? Time is the big culprit. How to accomplishnutritional miracles for your family.

Milk–Calcium: Do they protect us from osteoporosis?A growing number of researchers are doubting the recommendation that Americans shoulddrink the quart of milk a day, or its equivalent, endorsed by public health officials. Oneresearcher, Mark Hegsted, retired Harvard professor of nutrition, sums it up,"It willbe embarrassing enough if the current calcium hype is simply useless; it will beimmeasurably worse if the recommendations are actually detrimental to health."

Plant-Based Food Pyramid: The traditional ovo-lacto vegetarian diet (this diet allows eggs and dairy) has inseveral areas of the world and in various times in history produced the highest adult lifeexpectancy and the lowest rates of chronic diseases of history. Maybe you should checkthis out for your family.

CookingHealthy for One or Two or Three or More: You can cook healthy for one,two, three or more. RB shows you how to spend a minimum time shopping and chopping for ahealthy eating style.

Chart for Vegans orVegetarians: Very few nutritionists will dispute the value of avegetarian diet for your health, if you eat a planned, balanced diet. There are six thingsto watch in your diet. This chart makes a planned diet easy to understand. Thechart can also help vegans and vegetarians make certain theseproblem nutrients are included.

Hydrogenated Fat: The Trojan Horse of the Food Industry, is solid or semi-solidat room temperatures. The best example of this is margarine. Hydrogenated fats are createdwhen an oil that is largely unsaturated, such as corn oil, has hydrogen added to it.Hydrogenated fats are found in almost every processed food in the supermarket. They arenow fats with trans fatty acids that have the same capacity to do harm as saturatedfats. Research has shown trans fatty acids increase the LDL cholesterol, decreasethe HDL cholesterol and thus, increase the risk of coronary heart disease.

Hydrogenated Fat: amore technical explanation. If you prefer a more technicalexplanation, Spectrum Naturals, a food manufacturer, gives it to you here.

Vital Beta-Carotene How come I can’t just take some pills? Life is never thatsimple. Studies so far suggest that taking these compounds in vitamin pills doesn’t do thesame thing, and can actually have negative effects. You’re going to have to eat yourvegetables.

Letters fromReaders: Our readers pose questions, answer questions from others, andsend email feedback. A good place to go.

Canola Oil CyberParent recently got an email that read I have heard that canolaoil is not good for you – that it is really an industrial oil and is not fit for humanconsumption. Canola’s real name is apparently "LEAR" oil. (low erucic acid rape)- a semi-drying oil that is used industrially as a penetrating oil.

AHAHerb Mixture Fat-free, sodium-free,heart-healthy seasoning mixture you make for your family in minutes.

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The Right Fats vs. The Wrong Fats. Pill-Popping Nutrition. Balanced Diet: What Is It? Osteoporosis: A series AHA Herb-Seasoning Mixture Debunking the Calcium Crisis Fatty Diets Equal Rotund, Unhealthy You. Cool, Clear Water. About Nutrition Directory. Letters from Readers Hydrogenated Fats: Technical Hydrogenated Fats Fat is More Fattening RDA for Fats The Bad-Guy Fats The Really Bad-Guy Fats The Good-Guy Fats The Really Good-Guy Fats The Skinny on Fats More Skinny on Fats Truth in Labels on Fats? What about Vitamin C? Beta-Carotene: You Need to Eat Your Veggies Book Reviews Doubtful Nutrients for Vegans and Vegetarians Genetically Engineered Foods Lactose Intolerence Do We Need Cow’s Milk? How to eat healthy for one, two, three or more. Lifestyles vs. Diseases Hidden Animals in Foods Recommended Food Groups/Servings Busy Cook: Cook healthy in two hours per week. Weekly Tips for Living Lunchbox Notes Dating/Meeting for Singles

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