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Letters from CyberParent Surfers.

Hi,I was dumbstruck when the new labels put hydrogenated oils in the unsaturatedcategory. It seemed like the worst possible outcome, instead of the wonderful improvementthe new system was hyped to be.

How could the health professionals let this happen? – Just couldn’t help askingin response to the apropos Trojan Horse metaphor. Any anecdotes on the subject or anarticle even?

Also, just how hydrogenated is the fat in peanut butter?

Thanks, Ted B

My daughter is a vegan and is concerned about her dietary intake whichincludes partial dehydrogenated fats . Many of our foods that are low in fatcontain this and we would both like to more about the adverse affect this canhave. Would appreciate any resource you can provide.Thank you,L

My mother needs information about what to eat when you have high triglycerides.She can not find any information on how to eat properly to keep them at a safelevel. She has lupus and has just quit smoking. The less fat she eats, theworse her triglyceride problem gets. She does not understand how to help herself bywhat toeat. Is there any information about how she should eat that you can send me? Thank you for your time.T

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