Pill-Popping Nutrition

We look for miracle pills for nutrition pills,vitamin pills, dieting pills, and energy pills. Vitamins and pills are not the answer.Because there is much about nutrition we can’t incorporate into a vitamin pill and becausethere is much about nutrition and vitamins that we are still learning, we must eat propernutrients to get vitamins for health. Since vitamins and other pills can’t do it all, ahealthy, varied diet is still necessary.

Pill-Popping Nutrition.

We are a society of pill poppers. We keep looking for a miracle pill with our:

Nutrition and vitamin pills
Dieting pills
Energy pills
Other pills.

In reality, it is not possible for a vitamin supplement or any other pill orherb to take the place of a healthy diet.

For example, a general vitamin supplement will give you all the known vitaminsyou get by eating broccoli. But vitamins are not the whole story.

Broccoli and other crucifiers vegetables such as cabbage, Brusselssprouts, kale, and mustard greens contain compounds which induceprotective Phase 2 enzymes. These enzymes fight cancer by detoxifying carcinogens,then eliminating them from your body.

Maybe you eat your broccoli in a tasty, but simple dish of pasta primavera,prepared with olive oil, garlic, tomatoes, and hot pepper.

1. The allylic sulfides from garlic increase the activity of immune agents that destroy tumor cells.
2. Olive oil supplies fatty acids your body needs.
3. Hot peppers contain capsaicin which prevents carcinogens from binding to DNA, where they trigger cancer.
4. Red tomatoes contain a pigment called lycopene, a scavenger of free radicals which destroy cells. Regularly eating tomatoes supplies an adequate intake of protective lycopene.

Taking a vitamin supplement or pill does not supply any ofthe items above. It does make it easy to convince yourself thatyou are promotinga long life for your body when you might bemissing many items needed for a healthy body and long life.

Even though there are known nutritional needs for your body, you can beabsolutely certain we don’t yet know everything needed for a healthy body. The best way tolive a long life is to eat a healthy, varied diet to obtain the knownand unknown items our bodies need. Vitamin pills are fine unless you use themto justify a poor diet and poor nutritional habits.

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