What about supplements like vitamin C?

We must eat the things our bodies need forhealthy nutrition. Yet proper nutrition, not supplements, is the best way to stay healthy.Vitamin C in megadoses can be dangerous to many Americans. And no pill can ever come closeto the balance of nutrients nature provides. Want vitamin C: have orange juice.

What About That Vitamin Stronghold:

Vitamin C?

By RB McLean

How about Vitamin C? In megadoses it guards against colds. We all know that.

We need those antioxidant supplements, don’t we?

We also know that it is not dangerous.

We do? Where did you get your information?

Vitamin C, in the presence of iron is brutally pro-oxidant. Over 10 percent ofwhite Americans and up to 30 percent of African-Americans have elevated body iron stores.These people can die from megadoses of vitamin C.

Herbert Victor M.D., J.D., in "Dangers of Iron and Vitamin CSupplements" in Journal of the American Dietic Association 93: 526-527, 1993states that vitamin C can mobilize such an enormous amount of iron from high bodyiron stores as to overwhelm the iron-binding capacity of iron-binding proteins, with theresultant free iron producing death within minutes to hours from iron-induced cardiacfailure."

Food vs. Pills

Total Nutrition: The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need fromthe Mount Sinai School of Medicine states, "Vitaminsand other nutrients in food are balanced nutrition. In supplement pills they areunbalanced nutrition."

They used a six-ounce glass of orange juice as an example. Thisjuice does contain 60 milligrams of vitamin C. However, it also contains over 100 otherantioxidants, pro-oxidants, and non oxidant phytochemicals, with a variety of biochemicaleffects. Nature provided this balance to keep one ingredient such as vitamin C from doingmore harm than good.

Another example of food in nature is the sweet potato. A fourounce baked sweet potato (don’t confuse with the yam, a tuber of similar appearance)supplies 47% of the RDA for vitamin C. But while you are eating that lowly sweet potato,nature is supplying you with 249% of your vitamin A for the day, plusrespectable amounts of B6, folate, andpotassium. And, it is rich in fiber and complex carbohydrates, a combination thathelps regulate blood sugar and satisfies hunger for weight watchers. All with only a traceof fat and a whole lot of flavor.

Try getting that from a pill.

The book further states, "No pill, be it a single vitaminand/or mineral and/or omega3 (or other) fatty acid, or a multivitamin/mineral pill, evercomes close to the balance of ingredients (including various kinds of fiber), per unitvolume, bulk, and weight, achieved by nature in food."

Sounds to me like this: If I need vitamin C, and I do, ofcourse, I had better get it from a balanced diet, not from a pill.

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