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The Organic Food Guide A practical guide to and how organic foods are related to nutrition and health. Understand why organic foods are so important, both for our health and for our environment. More Information

The Organic Garden Book Work with nature to create organic flowers, fruit, and vegetables. Grow multiple veggies in a small plot and create a healthy outside environment for your family. More Information

Transition into Organic Foods Interested in changing your eating habits? This educational and fact-filled book is a simple read with easy to understand differences between conventional, organic, and natural foods. More Information

Rodale’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening This will be a reference book you will use often as you create your organic garden. It is a classic in its field. More Information

Organic, Inc. : Natural Foods and How They Grew Business writer Samuel Fromartz gives a balanced and honest look at organic food from its humble beginnings to the present. Answer questions like "what is organic food" and " why are so many of us buying it." More Information

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