Earthworms in Organic Gardening

Earthworms Intestines of the earth

  • Best soil builders on the planet.

  • Water-soluble, ready to use castings.

  • Nutrients deposited directly into the soil.

Earthworms eat organic matter such as table scraps, yard and garden waste, wheatgrass mats, leaves, grasses and manure.

Earthworms consume one half to a total of their body weight in organic matter every 24 hours. They deposit a casting 5 to 11 times richer in nitrogen, phosphates, calcium and magnesium than the organic matter they consumed. 

The earthworm’s powerful gizzard grinds the matter while the intestinal tract secretes chemicals which release the major as well as the micro plant nutrients and then deposit them directly into the soil where plants can readily feed.

Worm Castings

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