Organic Gardening: Basics of Composting

Organic Gardening: organic composting is one of the best things you can do for your organic garden.

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Organic Gardening and Gardens

Composting Starting with the basics of compost


Organic composting is the key to successful organic gardening.

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If you are an organic gardener, you probably already know that enriching yourgarden with compost is one of the best things you can do for your garden. You can use it on your lawn and for all your landscaping needs too.

Toconvert organic matter to rich, dark humus, the microorganisms in your compostpile need energy. The standard advice for making compost involves mixing carbonand nitrogen. GreenSense Bloodmeal, provided at the right time, will improve thegrowing process.

Learning to make compost by watching things die in nature, you’ll gradually begin to understand the science of composting. Monitoring moisture andtemperature levels will make you the seasoned, gardening guru you need to be. Composting can only be perfected by doing it and getting the feel of it. It is much easier to understand the science after you have mastered the art of composting. Most people who successfully make compost learned by observing nature and how recycled, expired life never wastes energy. Studying the science first seems to dampen the desire to experiment.

Once all the proper ingredients are in the compost pile, you need something to stir itaround with. It helps to have a good Compost Aerator. It makes turning compost abreeze.

For fast, thorough decomposition and a rich finished product, try addingEarthworm Castings to your compost pile. They enrich the soil, are water- soluble and 100% organic!

There are many benefits to organic gardening, but the best is using compost on display gardens, stock beds or any other type of landscaping, eliminating the need to apply any other fertilizer the rest of the season.

Organic Gardening

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