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Fighting Disease in Organic Gardening

Organic Gardening: Fighting disease in your organic garden.

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Fighting Disease Disease in organic gardens


Fighting Disease in your organic garden.

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Gardeners should have one thing on hand right from the start of the season – Eco Oil. It controls insect pests and fights disease caused by insects. It coats the leaves and stems and controls insect larvae before they hatch. It will not harm your plants or garden. You can grow vegetables, fruits and flowers that you may have given up on because of their susceptibility to disease.

There is also a Rot Stop spray that prevents blossom-end rot on tomatoes, melons and peppers. Blossom-end rot is often caused by the plants’ inability to draw calcium from the soil during periods of uneven watering.

Mulch helps keep moisture levels even. To prevent bacterial and fungal diseases, rotate your crops, provide good air circulation, remove dead leaves, use drip irrigation or soaker hoses and mulch.

Organic Gardening: Fighting Disease

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