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Organic Fertilizers: Enriching the Soil Organically

Organic Fertilizers: Preparing your soil organically and enriching your soil organically.

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Organic Gardening and Gardens

Organic Fertilizers Enriching your soil organically


Organic soilsneed organic fertilizers for enrichment.

More about organic gardening:

If you are looking for a natural fertlizer, look for Mycor Root Builder Granulator. Absorbing roots to obtain essential organic materials, Mycorrhizal funghi are unique, root-inhabiting funghi that colonize plants. Root Builder contains Endomycorrhiza. Ectomycorrhiza, Scleroderma, Kelp, Zeolite and Humate.

If you want a mineral supplement, Minerals Plus is a popular product. It consists of lava, sand, Texas Greensand, Zeolite, sulfur, potassium, iron and magnesium.

GreenSense Foliar Juice is an excellent fertlizer for your entire landscape. Regular use will improve the health and appearance of all your landscape and garden plants. It has all the ingredients recommended for a beautiful yard in one bottle. Ingredients: Manure tea, fish, kelp, apple cider vinegar, molasses and magnesium sulfate.

A great food source is Vegetable & Flower Food. It is a blend of rock phosphate, lava sand, sul-po-mag, (sulfer, potassium and magnesium) and cottonseed meal. What is Cottonseed Meal? It is a natural fertilizer with an acid PH and an excellent nitrogen source.

Organic Gardening

Additional information about organic gardening or organic landscapes.

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