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Review: Sign with Your Baby: Baby Video and Book.

Baby Sign Language:Dr. Garciaauthors the classic in the field of baby sign language.

Sign with Your Baby

by Dr. Joseph Garcia

Baby Sign Language: Sign language is not hard for you or your baby and toddler to learn.

Dr. Garcia authors the classic in the field of baby sign language. His simple-to-use system is aimed at children from 7 months to 3 years of age.

And it works! It enables parents and infants to communicate long before a baby can verbalize his/her desires and needs. Then it expands to enhance understanding and reduce frustration between parents and toddlers or parents and pre-schoolers.

Sign with Your Baby is based on American Sign Language (ASL), which is the standard for hearing-impaired persons in the United States. Teaching standard ASL is important if your child will ever use sign language outside of your home, which is probable, not only with the hearing impaired but also in other situations, such as day care centers.

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A little over one hour long, the video is the heart of the training system. It tells you how to start with a few basic signs and how to add signs as your baby progresses. Clips of real-life parents signing with their babies and using the system is a practical feature of the tape. A 13-minute, how-to sign demonstration ends the video. You will want to review this section often as your baby matures and moves forward.

The video also gives good instructions for teaching ASL as a second language. Unless you have taught a second language as a professional, that section is quite important. This is the only sign language video I have seen which has this feature.

The book is a little gem. It is a short, easy-to-use time saver which contains information about language development in children and an excellent American Sign Language dictionary.

Buy Video Buy Kit Buy Laminated Chart The system is sold as a video only or as a kit which contains the video, a short and simple to understand book plus a chart showing the signs.

The video is a must. It is the best way to learn sign language for your baby and is perfect for sharing with grandparents or other care givers.

I would buy the kit to acquire the accompanying book. You will refer to it often.

An additional laminated chart or two might be handy for grandparents or other caregivers. I recommend waiting until your kit arrives before ordering additional signs.

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