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Parents and Parenting. When babies wake up at night, even after they no longer need feeding, what do you do?

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Help Your Baby Learn to Stop Crying

Jay Stevens

Parents and Parenting: Crying at night for your baby.

About parenting:

Another way to do it is to set a timer for 10 minutes. If your baby is still weeping after 10 minutes, check to see if something is wrong.

If you can sneak up to check without baby seeing you, that will help. Seeing mom or dad gives many infants renewed energy to cry harder.

Regardless, if nothing is wrong, set the timer again.

And again, you might want to resort to "trick" to muffle the cries without completely tuning them out.

If crying changes or he sounds as if he is in trouble, go to him immediately. Straighten out the problem, give him a few parental murmurs of comfort, a pat or two, then leave again.

A second way, one that takes longer but is less heart rending, is to let baby cry for a few minutes, then go to her for a gentle pat and reassuring words. Then leave again. Leave without picking her up and without staying with her long enough to allow her to fall sleep in your comforting presence.

Extend the amount of time you leave her each night until she falls asleep on his own.

Every child is different. Some babies will be confused by this and cry even harder. This will probably increase, not decrease. the amount of time it takes her to fall asleep again.

Since every child is different, what worked for your first child will not necessarily work for your second. What worked for your neighbor’s child might or might not work for your infant.

Also, remember, that some babies cry a minute or two everytime they wake up for months or years-a kind of fretful fussing. You will have to learn to sleep through this.

Other babies won’t stop crying with any method. What’s the matter here?

Possibly they don’t get enough to eat during the day, have allergies, or are actually ill. Some babies cry themselves to sleep every night. They may use this as a way to unwind from a stimulating day.

However, if you try several things, and nothing seems to work, consult your doctor.

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A crying baby who does not normally cry needs immediate attention. It could be teething, being caught in the covers, being too tired or stimulated to sleep, etc. In other words, it could be minor but it could be a serious problem.

Check your baby out and then return to your normal routine. If a baby who has not been crying continues to cry regularly, it might be a sign of illness. Let your doctor know right away.

Plus, some babies just don’t need as much sleep as other babies just as some adults don’t need as much sleep as other adults. These babies want to play and chortle at 2 or 3 am each morning.. Let these gregarious types play alone!

More about crying it out.

What about night crying.

What about day crying?

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