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Parents Use Time-Out as Discipline to Stop Disruptive Behaviors in Children; Parenting for Kids

Parents and Parenting: Parents use time-out as discipline to stop children from disruptive behavior. Parents find that it works!

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Parents and Parenting

Parents Use Time-Out as Discipline to Stop Children from Disruptive Behavior

Jan Wilson

Parents and Parenting: Any parent may use the potential time-out for warning purposes.

Good information for parents:

Time-out discipline tips include:

  • Parents don’t bargain, discuss or argue with children.
  • Parents use one minute of time-out for each year of age.
  • Parents use a timer. They set the timer only when the child is quiet, i.e., not screaming, cursing, banging around, or using disrespectful language.
  • Parents ignore all yelling, sarcastic remarks, and screaming while time-out proceeds. Parents must even ignore cursing, which many parents find hard to do.
  • After the time is over, parents open the door and permit the child to leave. Parents include no further explanation, warning, or apology.

Some experts recommend parents give a hug or affirmation of love when their child is emerging from time-out. Others say parents should act as if nothing unusual has happened and don’t hug or affirm love with the kids.

I always hugged my children and told them I loved them. It did not "dilute" the discipline power of the timeout.

Regardless of hugs and love affirmations, parents should always cheerfully welcome kids back when the time-out is over.

Any parent may use the potential time-out for warning purposes. All must be certain to only give one warning, though, and always follow through. This is an effective disciplinary tool when combined with counting to three before starting time-out.

More information about parents and parenting.

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When parents are using time-out as a prediscipline warning, it is best to speak calmly and say, "If you can not calm down, you will have a time-out period."

Additional information about parents and parenting.

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