10 Best Gifts for Kids When it Comes to Musical Learning

Many kids love music, both listening to it and playing it, so it makes sense to choose musical gifts for kids who are interested in these activities. Music is great for kids in so many ways, so it’s a great idea to let them start exploring and playing instruments from an early age. So, here we have picked out ten of the best gifts for kids who love musical activities. There is something here to suit all ages.

Benefits of Music in Child Development

Music is great for kids’ development in so many ways (both mental and physical). Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which playing with musical toys and games can help your child develop and grow and learn some new skills.

Improves Social Skills

Playing with musical toys and instruments is a great way for your child to improve their social skills. It’s just one of the many ways in which music can benefit children. By joining a band, choir or other music group, kids will learn to communicate with their fellow musicians, as well as following the instructions of the group’s leader.

Grows Their Confidence

Playing a musical instrument can help your child grow in confidence as they improve their abilities. This, in turn, can help them become more confident in other areas of life, so it’s a great skill to learn for kids who might be struggling with confidence.

Improves Patience

Kids often become more patient as a result of learning a new musical skill. While they might get frustrated a lot in the beginning, they will gradually learn to become more patient as they see themselves improving in their skills. If they ever want to join a band in the future, having patience will be key when working with bandmates.

Allows Them to Express Themselves

Music is perhaps one of the best ways for a child to express themselves in any way they wish. It could be through writing lyrics, playing an instrument or perhaps even through dance. The possibilities for expression here are endless!

Music is Soothing

Music can be used to help soothe children of all ages, whether it’s a baby taking a nap or an older child who’s having a bad day. It’s a great idea to introduce babies to a variety of music from an early age. They will love having some background noise and you can also sing songs about things you are doing to help with their early language development.

Develops Motor Skills

Both gross and fine motor skills can be developed using music. Gross motor skills can be practiced and developed through dance – you can sign your child up to a dance group in a style they enjoy, or they can even just freestyle on the living room floor! In terms of fine motor skills, many instruments require the use of both hands which is great for this. A lot of instruments are played by using the fingers independently too, which is great for improving manual dexterity.

Improves Memory

Learning to play an instrument is a great way to help your child improve their memory. Whether it’s remembering how to play a certain note or memorizing the lyrics to their favorite song, their memory will be working all the time as they try to remember what comes next.

Brain Development

The next benefit associated with playing music is all around brain development. There have been multiple studies that show the link between music and brain development, even including better SAT results later in life.

Language Skills

Singing and playing music can also help with language development as your child learns the words to a song, or discusses the way certain pieces of music sound. Singing can also help children speak more clearly as they work the muscles of the tongue and lips.

Music Makes Kids Feel Good

Last but not least, music simply makes them feel good. Singing, dancing and playing music for other people will all make your child happy, as will listening to their favorite music. This is because it releases dopamine from the brain, which is the ‘feel-good chemical’ to be released into the body.

Our Top 10 Gifts for Musical Learning

1. Munchkin Mozart Cube

munchkin Mozart cube on white background

First in our list of musical toys is one for babies and younger children, the Mozart Magic Cube from Munchkin. It allows kiddies to combine different sounds and instruments to see how they work together, in order to create their very own musical masterpiece. The toy features real instrument sounds such as the flute, harp, and violin. There’s also a button to play all instruments together, and there are eight real Mozart songs that can be played. The sides light up in different colors too, which is great for attracting babies’ attention.

2. Toddler Instrument Set

toddler instrument set on white background

If your little kid wants to start a band, this is just what they need! The set comes with more than 20 pieces and includes 15 different types of instruments. The instruments in this set allow kids to practice various skills, such as beating, blowing and shaking, so they can get an all-round musical education! Parents will love this set, as it’s easily tidied when playtime is over, thanks to the included tote bag. Kids will love playing the instruments and dancing to their own rhythms, and the set is great for sharing with friends and family for even more fun.

3. VTech Musical Rhymes Book

VTech Musical Rhymes Book on white background

Next up we have the Musical Rhymes book from top manufacturer VTech. This is perfect for kids between the ages of 6 months – 3 years old. The book has large plastic pages which are easy to turn, and it plays many popular nursery rhymes your little one is sure to love dancing and moving along to. There are also five colorful buttons on the side of the toy which play different musical instrument sounds. Each page has the song lyrics and some colorful pictures to keep babies and toddlers interested. There is also a flashing starlight in the middle of the book, and the pages have interactive pieces such as spinning wheels, which are great for developing fine motor skills.

4. Keyboard Play Mat

blod boy standing playing on keyboard play mat on white background

A piano mat is a classic toy that’s sure to be enjoyed by kids of all ages, and perhaps even mom and dad will enjoy taking a turn too! This one is a great size, at 70 inches long, so it’s perfect for sharing with a friend or between siblings. There are 24 keys, and four different modes to use – record, play, demo and playback. To make this toy even more fun and educational, kids can select between the eight different instrument sounds – including guitar, violin, xylophone and more. The volume levels are adjustable, parents will be glad to know!

5. VTech KidiBeats Drums

VTech KidiBeats Drums on white background

If your child is showing an interest in drumming, what better place to start them off than with the KidiBeats drum kit from VTech? This excellent toy is recommended for kids between the ages of 2 – 5 years old and requires 3 AA batteries. The drum set comes with two drumsticks and they can be used to play nine songs in different musical styles. There are different play modes such as free play, follow-along and number or letter learning.

6. Baby Einstein Magic Piano

Baby Einstein Magic Piano on white background

Next up we have the Magic Touch piano from top toy brand Baby Einstein. The wooden piano magically plays notes, and it comes with music sheets for kids to try and copy. These give six songs to learn, and the music is color-coded to match the keys of the piano to make it really easy for young pianists to copy. Of course, the piano can also be used to play freely for your child to explore their own musical creativity.

7. Motown Magic Guitar

Motown Magic Guitar on white background with netflix logo

Our next pick is this cool toy guitar, which features music from the popular Netflix series Motown Magic. The guitar plays ten very popular songs from top artists such as the Jackson 5 and Stevie Wonder – these songs are sure to get your child up and moving! The neck is filled with LED lights which flash when the guitar is strummed, so kids will love using it to put on a performance! Playing with this toy allows kids to develop their hand-eye coordination, and it’s also loads of fun!

8. Tumama Electronic Drum

Tumama Electronic Drum on white background

The next music toy we’ve chosen is this cool electronic drum, which is really easy to use but offers endless fun. It’s ideal for babies and children between the ages of 6 – 36 months old. There are more than 40 sounds built-in to the drum, but kids can also experiment in making different tones by simply tapping the drum with their hand. The different types of sounds include piano tunes, animal noises, drum beats as well as songs. The volume is adjustable and there are colorful lights to help keep kids engaged.

9. Pack of 3 Brass Instrument Toys

Pack of 3 Brass Instrument Toys on white background

This set of toy musical instruments includes a saxophone, a trumpet, and a clarinet, so it’s perfect for introducing your child to these types of instruments from an early age. Each instrument is around 16.5” long, so they’re just the right size for children to hold. The buttons on each instrument are color-coded to make it easier for kids to learn to play their first songs – music for 14 songs is included. These instruments are made from durable plastic.

10. Beginner Classical Guitar Set

Beginner Classical Guitar Set on white background

Lastly, we have one of the coolest gifts for kids who are performing in a musical – their very own classical guitar. It’s half-size, so it’s great for younger kids who are just starting out. The set also contains all the accessories they’ll need for getting started, such as picks, a carry case, a tuner and extra strings. The guitar is made from basswood and has 18 frets, and it gives excellent sound quality despite the very reasonable price tag. It’s a perfect budget option for a kid who is interested in learning to play – it’s ideal for all beginners.

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