3 Home Design Trends To Celebrate Your Kids

When you have children, it is not just your sleep patterns and lifestyle that changes — your home changes too. New parents quickly realize that perhaps the all-white interior decor with a white sofa isn’t going to be entirely practical (especially in those toddler years). The fact is that children shape the home that you live in. As much as you’d like to avoid having a fridge covered in magnetic letters and scribbled crayon pictures, this is all part of family life. You will want to celebrate the achievements and interests of your children and this will gradually seep into your home design.

There are some great trends you can hop on board to display their drawings and photos that are both tidy and stylish.

1. Create a dedicated gallery

To the untrained eye, that picture of a colorful stickman family, complete with a scruffy blue sky is just a kid’s doodle. But to your child it is a work of art, to rival The Last Supper and the Mona Lisa – it should be displayed in a prominent position. Creating a dedicated art gallery in your home is a lovely way of displaying your children’s artistic talents. Home builders in Austin have even found that clients have factored in a gallery wall when they are designing their home space or having an extension built. Your gallery needs to have lighting to illuminate paintings, making them look professional. Rather than displaying scraps of paper, held up by Blu-tac, get your children’s pictures transferred onto a stylish canvas or framed, so that they make a real feature in your home.

2. A photo dining table

A family meal is an integral part of daily life. This precious half hour is when you can break bread, discuss the events of the day and share your trials, tribulations, and joys. You can also talk about memories and family trips that you have taken together. Getting a photo tabletop is a wonderful way of displaying the pictures of your family. These can be custom made to the exact specifications of your dining room table. The photographs easily attach and detach with sticky strips so that they can be changed regularly. A strengthened glass top is then placed over the top, which is suitable to eat off and easy to keep clean.

3. Feature walls and fabric

A feature wall is a great way of injecting personal style and character into your interior design scheme. Using a piece of your children’s artwork, you can create a unique feature wall that will draw the eye in. This doesn’t have to be a direct copy of their picture – you can have an artistic print produced using small sections of one of their paintings, the same way a print would be produced for fabric. You can even get cushion covers and curtains made using their design too — they will look fabulous in any living room.

You can celebrate your child’s artistic talent in your home without having to pin up lots of scrappy pictures. Incorporating their imagination into your home decor will give your living area a real personal touch and unique style.

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