5 Amazing Tips for Surviving Your Baby’s First Haircut

For many new parents, cutting a baby’s first hair is an incredible moment. It is a milestone. Whether a baby was born with a head full of thick hair, light hair or even bald, a haircut will be needed at some point. Toddlerhood is one of the most exciting, active and adventurous stages of a kids growth. Extra care should be taken when cutting the baby’s hair.

You need safety razor blades to avoid cuts on the baby’s skin and other related accidents. A visit to a professional kids barber is equally a good idea. Whether you choose to cut your baby’s first hair at home or a kid’s salon, here are 5 amazing tips to survive the milestone.

Timing Is Crucial

When cutting your baby’s first hair, timing is crucial. Know when it’s time to shave and have a schedule that works best for you and the baby. Avoid cutting baby’s hair during nap time. You will not get the desired result. Schedule a haircut just before a bath or during baby’s free time. Whenever the kid is fuzzy, do not shave.


Let the baby play with its favourite toys, read a book or have a pacifier on. Let the baby get busy with something exciting. It offers comfort as you cut the hair. A video game on your smartphone can equally do the trick. Let the baby sit on your lap for more comfort.

Anything that the baby is familiar with will be essential. A rule of thumb is to get a toy or something that will get the hands, eyes and mind busy.

Snacks are great when you take breaks. However, avoid lollipops, ice creams or other sticky snacks. They will make the whole situation messy, especially when the baby runs hands through the hair.

Talk To The Baby

If the baby can talk, take time to talk through about the haircut. It does a lot more to keep the kids calm. Preparing the baby in advance also makes the process exciting and not scary. For instance, you can use videos to familiarize the kid with the whole experience beforehand.

Take Breaks

Breaks are important. Kids get tired when they stay put in one place for long. Therefore, take a few breaks after 5 minutes or so. Schedule a haircut in the afternoon, and go with the flow of the baby.

Let the baby face you as opposed to the mirror because it can be scary to some babies. Take breaks and ease the anxiety, by having the baby snuggle or have a bite of its favourite snacks.

Observe Safety

Safety is paramount when cutting the baby’s hair. Make the experience smooth and comfortable as much as you can. This often determines whether the baby will look forward to the next haircut or not. If you choose a salon, ensure it is the best your baby can get.

Do your research well and ensure the salon has a kid’s friendly environment. Chairs in a good salon should appeal to the kids and should be designed with kids in mind. There should be toys in case you forget to carry yours along.

Similarly, choose a salon with hair stylist and barbers with experience. Remember, a baby’s first hair is fine and it needs a professional who will not pull the hair or injure the baby.

If you choose to cut the hair by yourself, you need to choose your timing well and master the art behind haircuts. You should be able to cut the hair well, professionally and avoid making the baby uncomfortable through the process. Most importantly, choose the best razors and tools designed for cutting baby hair.

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