5 Things You Must Know Before Buying Your Child A Fidget Spinner

Fidget spinners have been making waves this summer as the hottest new toy, and trend, for both kids and adults alike. They have also been making waves, however, for the dangers they pose to those using them.

Fidget spinners seem harmless, right? You see them as something to keep your kids occupied for a few minutes, or something to keep their hands busy.

While they are a great concept, they are not presented as best they could be. Here are 5 things you must know before buying your child a fidget spinner this summer.

1. They’re a Choking Hazard

It has been made very clear that these toys come apart rather easily, resulting in multiple small pieces.

These small pieces are considered serious choking hazards, especially for children under the age of 3.

2. They’re a Swallowing Hazard

This is along the same lines as them being choking hazards, however focuses more on the older children or adults that are using them. The size of the pieces that break off may not pose the risk of choking for older users, but are just as dangerous if swallowed.

There have been multiple accounts of older children and teens needing surgery to remove the small metal or plastic pieces from their stomachs.

3. They Can Get Stuck on Fingers

Most fidget spinners have three sides, each having a hollow circular piece.

Depending on the brand and style, the center spinner may also be hollow. Multiple incidents have been reported of children getting their fingers stuck in these hollow circular pieces and having to get the toy cut off of their finger.

This poses the risk of cutting off circulation to the finger, which can be seriously damaging if not caught soon enough, and the risk posed by having to cut off the piece, using sharp tools so close to the child’s finger.

4. Some Have Sharp Edges

Some of the cheaper, knock-off brands of this toy have been found to have relatively sharp edges that can pose a danger to the child.

The risk of being cut by the edges of the toy is increased as the toy is spun, especially if the child loses control and mishandles the toy.

5. Read the Safety Labels and Check the Brand

Every parent considering the fidget spinner as a toy for their children should be sure to do their research. Buying the proper brand will ensure the best quality of the toy.

This can reduce the chances of the pieces breaking off, and of the sharp edges. Also make sure to read the safety labels, as with any toy, and follow the recommendations they give.


Before giving into your children’s wishes for the latest toy, make sure to read these 5 things you must know before buying your child a fidget spinner.

Doing you research and being diligent with your purchase can substantially decrease the risk and danger these toys pose to your children.

Like any toy, ensure your young children are being supervised while playing with fidget spinners, and your older children are educated on how to properly use them.

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