6 Ways to Help Your Child Prepare for University

University is a very big step for both students and parents.

It stands to reason then that there is likely to be a lot of preparation involved over the summer before they leave for university.

Your role as the parent

Your job as a parent is to help your child prepare for living independently and ensure they have developed all of the necessary skills and qualities needed to make this transition from the family home as smoothly as possible.

However, many parents are very unsure as to how their child will cope leaving home to go to university. Therefore, we have devised a guide to help you be certain that your child will be perfectly fine living away from home.

Not sure where to start?

6 ways you can help

  • Go to the university open days– going to visit the universities on your child’s shortlist is vital. Doing this will be able to give you piece of mind that they will be safe once they begin to attend their chosen university.
  • Write Their UCAS Personal Statement – to ensure your child has the best possible chance to be accepted into their 1st choice university, you will need to help them find a template for their UCAS personal statement. This could take some time and a fair bit of research, however it will be worth it and your child will be very grateful for your help.
  • Research the local area- When visiting the local area, be sure to take some time to have a look around the surrounding area. This will be beneficial for you as you will be able to know your way around when you come to visit. Try and locate the nearest station, local shops and GP surgery with your child so they are aware where some of the key places are situated in their new home.
  • Help your child learn the skills needed at uni whilst they are still living at home- Whilst they are still at home, be sure that they learn all of the key skills they will rely on once they are at university. Make sure they participate in preparing and cooking meals, learning how to iron, how to use the washing machine, etc.… All these types of skills will be very useful to them when at university.
  • Talk to your child about finances- Let your child manage their own money whilst they are still at home. Budgeting is a very important skill to learn. It will be of use to you throughout your entire life therefore, learning how to do it at a young age is a great thing to do. Your child will make mistakes at first however, over time they will get better and once they set off to university, they should be able to manage their money effectively.
  • Listen to your child- Lastly, listen to your child. Your child may have many fears and worries about going to university, therefore, they will need you to listen to what they have to say and give them advise. Help them to focus on the positives and reassure them that everything is going to be perfectly fine. It is a big concern for some students when it comes to leaving home.

Parting thoughts

University is a massive step in your child’s life, therefore, make sure you prepare them thoroughly and help them every step of the way. This will not only help them but give you piece of mind that they will be safe and sensible at University.

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