Characteristics of the Modern Blended Family

Blended families make up over half of America as blended family members come and go. Blended families can be fun, frustrating, challenging, and more.

Blended Families Are Prevalent

Blended families now make up more than half the families in America. Only a very rare extended family does not have some blended family members.

Blended families mean change, conflict, compromise, and challenge. Blended families also mean love, fun, and excitement.

A Blended Family Is Appealing

A blended family is many things:

  • A blended family is often large.
  • A blended family is fun.
  • A blended family is extended love.
  • A Blended Family Is Not Perfect:
  • A blended family is frustrating.
  • A blended family is challenging.
  • A blended family is often conflicted.

Blended Family Members Come and Go

Blended families today usually consist of different family members living together:

  • All the time.
  • Some days during the week.
  • Every other week.
  • Holidays and/or summers.

Blended Families Are Ever-Changing

Blended family parents have:

  • His/her children half the week.
  • Her/his children all/ most of the time.
  • His/her children every other week.
  • Her/his children every other week-end.
  • His/her children summers and holidays.
  • Her/his older children living there temporarily.
  • His/her older parents all/some of the time.
  • Their children all the time.

Blended Families May Not Be Permanent

Blended family parents may divorce changing the family mix once again.

All families are built on love–that is true for “blood relatives” as well as blended families. Love is more important than the same last name.

A blended family might mean some changes, some conflicts, some challenges, and some compromises, but it also means more people to love and more people to love you.

Give blended families a chance!

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