Helping Children Succeed in Elementary School: A Parent’s Guide

When parents are more actively involved in their child’s education and schooling, their children often do better in education.

Helping children succeed should always be a priority of parents. But it’s not a priority for them for various reasons. Sometimes parents just don’t know how to help their child succeed.

This comprehensive guide can help you as a parent discover ways to help your child succeed in elementary schools. You can build a foundation that will help them thrive in elementary school and serve them well all the way through high school and college.

Here’s everything you need to know to be the ultimate parent when it comes to helping your child succeed in school.

Attend School Events Throughout the Year

From the beginning of the school year, you should attend school events that involve your child.
Look at the school calendar and see when back to school night is. You should also check out testing dates. Knowing when the test dates are can help you prepare your child for those specific tests.

Another consideration for parents is staying up-to-date on class trips. Parents can also sometimes be a part of class trips as parent volunteers. By being involved in class trips you are showing your child how much you care and you can also better prepare your child for the trip.

Being a part of school events helps keep kids accountable for their school work. Kids are more likely to succeed when they know their parents are helping them, and that they like to help them.

Support the Teacher

Supporting your child’s teacher is crucial for your child and the child’s teacher. This is especially important for new teachers.

It’s important for parents to talk to teachers via email or schedule meetings. Parents who regularly talk to teachers can see where their child is lacking in education and where they are doing great.

A lot of teachers also like talking to parents who are involved. It gives the teacher some insight into how the child learns and how the teacher can maximize their lessons.

You can also check out a top-rated private school and see how these teachers differ in lesson plans and curriculum from public school teachers.

Help Your Child with Their Homework

Helping your child with homework offers reassurance and additional support. You obviously shouldn’t be doing their homework for them, but you can definitely help guide them to make sure they are doing their work correctly, by walking through the steps with them.

You can also read with them. Not every child is born with a gift to be a self-taught learner. It’s also hard to give up time as parents, especially for parents who work all day. Most parents want a break when they get home, and the last thing on their mind might be to get into some school work.

But if you can overcome that feeling and reflect on how you can help your child, you can set them up for success. They will thrive when they are at school because you helped them with their homework.

By helping them with their homework you are also teaching your child to finish projects to completion. You can still teach your child to finish something, even if you are unsure of it being right/wrong.

Homework can be a powerful teaching tool for teaching children how to finish projects, and also a great way to bond with your child. You are giving your child the support they need. You are showing how much you care about their success in education and how important you believe it is.

Support Your Child’s Learning at Home

Having a learning environment set-up at home is also very important. Beyond school and doing homework, you should have reading time set aside for your child. Have them read books for a designated time every day. You can take your child to the library after school and have them pick out their favorite books because this will encourage them to read more.

You can also do fun learning activities at home. You can participate in science activities with them. The classic mixing baking soda and vinegar is a prime example of a fun experiment to do.

You should also monitor how much TV time your child has each day. Although it may appear educational, too much TV for a child can be unproductive and can have a negative effect.

As much support as you do offer, you should also teach your child to learn independently. You can give your child activities to do at home that encourages them to do things on their own. This also leads them to have the confidence to do things at school independently.

Lastly, it’s important for your child to ask questions. Encourage your child to ask questions whenever they are confused or simply curious. The more they ask questions, the more they learn and the more it encourages active learning.

Active learning is great in the classroom because it gives your child the confidence to ask questions in front of their peers. It gives them the confidence to ask questions in class when other classmates are too afraid to ask.

Helping Children Succeed in School Requires Parent Involvement

Helping children succeed in elementary school is crucial to their success later on in education. As a parent, supporting your child in elementary schools with the ways already mentioned, you are laying a blueprint for your child’s success.

A child is more likely to appreciate and do well in education when they have their parents support. It also keeps children accountable in education by making sure they do their homework, they listen to their teacher, and they understand what they are doing.

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