What To Look Out For When Helping Your Child Choose Their First Car

Your teen has finally passed their driving test and it’s time to get them out on the road. The days of driving them everywhere are now gone – well, mostly – and the days of finding the right car to give both you and them peace of mind have arrived.

While they probably have their ideal car in mind, chances are that they aren’t quite ready for it just yet. So, what should they choose for now? Whether you choose a Honda, a Renault, a Nissan or something else entirely, here is what you should look out for when helping your child choose their first car.

New Or Used?

The first thing you need to work out between you and your teen is whether a new or used model is going to work out best.

Are they likely to use their car regularly and for a long period of time? If they have a full time job and are looking to commute every day, a brand new car with an affordable finance plan could be a great option, but for casual and occasional driving, an approved but used car could be a cheaper alternative while they get the hang of the roads.

After all, there might be just a few less tears if they happen to leave a dent in the bumper on a used car than a brand new one!

How Much Does It Cost To Run?

The running costs of any car should always be something you consider, but especially so for your child. They’re probably going to be paying for the running costs themselves, even if you’ve paid for the car for them and so the importance of picking a fuel efficient model that won’t cost them an arm and a leg, is a huge part of the overall decision.

Is It A Reliable Model?

Regardless of whether your child is commuting or casually driving, picking out a reliable model can help you both make the most out of the purchase.

Honda, Ford, Fiat and Nissan are often associated with some of the most reliable first cars, with Mini, Skoda and Renault not too far behind.

Can They Take It For A Test Drive?

There’s no point investing in a car that your child can’t drive. If you’re buying new, most showrooms will allow you or your child to take a test drive so they can get a feel for how the car drives and how well they fit.

Of course, all seats can be adjusted, but for shorter drivers, smaller cars can help them feel more in control, while taller individuals can feel cramped.

What Is The Insurance Likely To Be?

In a similar way to the running costs, the insurance that the car could drum up is also a vital thing to know before you invest. Insurance premiums are notoriously high for new drivers, but some cars often come with a lower cost than others due to reliability, energy efficiency and more. Do your research once you’ve picked a few potential models and find out how much they might need to pay. You can even set it up so that the policy won’t start until the day you actually purchase the car in order to secure the insurance price.

Helping your child find their first car can be a daunting experience. They’re finally ready to get out on the roads on their own, and knowing how best to send them on their way can be difficult to determine. Hopefully our guide has given you a good starting point and your teen will be safely out on the roads in no time.

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